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On January 8, 2016


What happens when you get into a Utah car accident and you do not have insurance, but it was not your fault? You Can See a Personal Injury Attorney: First, you can still make a personal injury claim. It does not matter that you did not have car insurance at the time of the wreck.
On January 7, 2016

Car Accident without Insurance–OPTIONS?

QUESTION: Can I recover from a car accident when I did not have insurance at the time of the car accident?   ANSWER: Yes. Not having car insurance may be a criminal offense, but you can still recover for your personal injuries from the at-fault driver’s insurance. Provo Car Accident Center
On December 26, 2015


  After a car accident getting better and getting your car fixed or replaced is really important. If life was tight, it just got a lot more difficult because now you can’t work, your car doesn’t work and you are hurt. A good personal injury attorney will immediately step in, get your car fixed, get
On December 19, 2015

Hit-and-Run Drivers–Uninsured Motorist Coverage

When you are hurt by a hit and run driver your own car insurance should kick in to help pay for your injuries caused by the hit and run driver. This is called “Uninsured Motorist Coverage.” It is part of your own Utah car insurance, but can be waived in writing under strict conditions. Additionally
On December 12, 2015

Getting your Car Fixed After a Crash

After getting appropriate medical care, getting your car fixed after a car crash is really important.  Attorney Jacob S. Gunter helps each of his personal injury clients get their car fixed or replaced and coordinates a rental car.  Not having a car seriously impacts a person’s ability to work and get through their day.  Most
On December 2, 2015

$18,774 Arbitration Verdict

Personal injury attorney Jacob S. Gunter at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC obtained an $18,774 arbitration verdict on a rear end collision case. You get better results when you hire an attorney to handle your personal injury matters. The best offer prior to hiring Mr. Gunter was substantially less.
On November 26, 2015

38,000 Cases and Counting

Jacob S. Gunter is a personal injury attorney at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC.  HLP is the oldest lawfirm in Utah County. Since HLP started counting, we have opened over 38,000 plus files serving thousands and thousands of people and businesses state wide. When hiring a personal injury, or when you encounter serious life changing
On November 3, 2015


Personal injury cases, whether a dog bite, or a car collision is heavy on medical records. Medical records consist of the medical treatment record and the medical billing record. Insurance adjusters require both before they will consider making an offer to compensate you for your injuries. Medical records come in many forms. There are ambulance
On October 19, 2015


INTRO: When you are injured in a car accident, you enter the maze of the insurance industry, which for many is complex and new.   This article outlines generally what happens in a car wreck case from start to finish.  The same general principles applies to motorcycle crashes, passenger car cases, boating accidents, ATV accidents and