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On October 17, 2015

Types of Insurance Adjusters

When you are in a car collision and you are hurt, immediately you will be dealing with several new people in your life. The lawyer, the doctors, and the insurance adjusters. Several of them sometimes. The number and different roles of insurance adjusters can vary depending on the insurance company that you are working with.
On October 6, 2015


Personal Injury Protection Insurance (“PIP”) Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) is a mandatory part of all Utah car insurance policies.  See Utah Code Ann. 31A-22-302(1).  Not every state has PIP, so you may want to check what your policy covers if you just moved to Utah. PIP is not required for motorcycles, ATV, Trailers or street-legal
On October 5, 2015

Commonly Asked Question–Provo Car Accidents

Question:  Do you Charge Money to Meet with You?   Answer:  No. It is always a free consultation to meet with me regarding personal injury cases.   Question:  How do I Pay for the Attorney?   Answer:  All my personal injury car accident cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. Meaning if you do
On September 22, 2015

Amber Tarbox–New Associate Attorney at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC

Amber Tarbox joined Howard, Lewis, and Petersen, P.C. as an associate in 2015. Prior to joining the firm, Amber served as a law clerk for Judge Samuel McVey of the Utah Fourth District Court. Amber grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. Amber attended Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, graduating with honors with a B.S.
On September 21, 2015

09/21/2015. What is a PIP Denial? What can I do?

  ANSWER: PIP is “Personal Injury Protections” benefits. PIP benefits are mandatory in every Utah car policy of insurance. PIP benefits are no fault benefits, meaning they are supposed to pay out whenever you are injured by an automobile, regardless of whether you ran the red light, or you were hit from behind. They are
On September 17, 2015

Another $31,500 Car Wreck Case

I settled another $31,500 plus car wreck case today, 09/16/2015, after the Utah County Chamber event.  This was after I obtained policy limits from the offending driver’s liability insurance company last month.  I thought the case had more value to it, but my client decided filing a lawsuit was not worth it.  It was a
On September 2, 2015

Another Jury Trial

Yesterday, 09/01/2015, Attorney Jacob S. Gunter finished another jury trial with a favorable result. When selecting an attorney it is imperative to pick an attorney who has the experience to ultimately try the injury case to a jury, when needed.
On August 28, 2015

Recent Success for Howard Lewis and Petersen, PC

On August 20th of this year, the trial lawyers at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC settled $331,160 in personal injury cases.  The first case was a rear end automobile collision that happened in Moab, Utah in 2010. Utah is a no-fault state, meaning that after you are involved in an accident, no matter how serious
On August 21, 2015

$331,160 in Settlements

Yesterday, 08/20/2015, the trial lawyers at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC settled $331,000 in personal injury cases.  One case was an infant medical malpractice case, the second case was a rear end car collision in Moab, Utah that occurred in 2010.  Attorney Jacob S. Gunter regularly handles personal injury cases.  His law firm, Howard Lewis &
On August 21, 2015

You Get Better Results When You Hire an Attorney

Yesterday I settled a rear end collision for $31,000. The prior settlement offer on the case was roughly $1,000. My client had to hire a trial lawyer who was willing to go all the way to a jury trial before a proper settlement offer was made. This is not the first car accident claim that