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On August 21, 2015

You Get Better Results When You Hire an Attorney

Yesterday I settled a rear end collision for $31,000. The prior settlement offer on the case was roughly $1,000. My client had to hire a trial lawyer who was willing to go all the way to a jury trial before a proper settlement offer was made. This is not the first car accident claim that
On August 18, 2015


  When you are involved in a car collision, motorcycle wreck, or a car versus pedestrian/bicyclist, there are certain things you should do. SEEK MEDICAL CARE When you are involved in a car wreck, you should immediately seek medical care.  Either at the Emergency Room, or with an insta care provider.  Same day medical care
On August 6, 2015


Valuation of a personal injury claim is the process of putting an ultimate monetary settlement value to the case. This process could be debated for a thousand years and is different from state to state and even varies within the state depending on the judge, the opposing attorney, and the insurance carrier. Outside the finer
On August 2, 2015

Foot Doctor doing Dental Work? How to Find an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

On Friday at 445 p.m. I settled another car accident for $85,000. In the last two weeks in July 2015 I settled $160,000 in cases.  The month before that I settled $75,000 in cases that I can remember off hand. Having a personal injury attorney who regularly works in car accidents matters.  You would not
On July 27, 2015


PERSONAL INJURY LIENS WHY PERSONAL INJURY LIENS ARE IMPORTANT In personal injury cases, whether it be a dog bite case or a car accident case, liens occur and the personal injury attorney has to manage these liens or the case can go south in a hurry. Liens can be helpful, or they can be deadly
On July 8, 2015

How do I select a personal injury attorney?

QUESTION:  Does every Provo, Utah attorney practice personal injury car accident cases? ANSWER:  No. But it seems like every attorney advertises that they practice car collision cases, even though only a dozen attorneys really specialize in and practice personal injury law. The confusion gets worse when you search the internet because it is even more