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On February 3, 2017

Utah Car Accident Head Injuries

Car Accident Head Injuries. Utah car accidents can cause serious physical injuries. One particular terrible harm is a head injury. If you are in a Utah car accident, Provo car accident attorney Jacob S. Gunter can help. Here are the top action items to do if you are in a Utah car accident and have
On December 31, 2016


  When you are injured in an Provo car accident, you enter the maze of the insurance industry, which for many is complex and new.   This article outlines generally what happens in a Provo car accident case from start to finish.  The same general principles applies to motorcycle crashes, passenger car cases, boating accidents, ATV
On December 20, 2016


WHY PERSONAL INJURY LIENS ARE IMPORTANT In personal injury cases, whether it be a dog bite case or a car accident case, liens occur and the personal injury attorney has to manage these liens or the case can go south in a hurry. Liens can be helpful, or they can be deadly to a personal
On November 30, 2016

$160,000 in Settled Cases. November 2016

Attorney Jacob S. Gunter settled $160,000 in car accident cases in November 2016. In one case the initial offer was $3,200.  Mr. Gunter immediately sued because the insurance company and his client’s offers were too far apart.  A week after filing the lawsuit, the insurance company settled the case for $19,500. In another case, the
On November 21, 2016


Prior to June 1, 2016, Utah citizens did not have the right to a jury trial in Utah Small Claims. This all changed with the Utah Supreme Court’s decision in Simler v. Chilel, 2016 UT 23. As a result, Utah Small Claims Rules were changed adding Rule 4A and changing Rule 12. The consequence for
On November 11, 2016

Happy Veterans Day 2016!!

Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC has a long history with military service. Founding partner, Jackson Howard.  United States Navy, Captain. Founding partner, Don Petersen.  United States Army. John L. Valentine.  United States Marine Corps, Vietnam era. Philip E. Lowry. United States Army/Utah National Guard.  Judge Advocate, Majory.  Operation Enduring Freedom. Jacob S. Gunter.  United States
On October 20, 2016

Personal Injury Attorney Jacob S. Gunter Presents on Cross-Examination

Personal injury attorney Jacob S. Gunter presented on Cross-Examination to the American Inns of the Court.  The 20 minute lecture was followed by two mock demonstrations of evidence rule 609 and rule 613 impeachments. The event was held at the BYU Law School, mock courtroom on 10/18/2016.  BYU law students, members of the Utah Bar,
On October 18, 2016


  A major concern of people hiring an attorney is how much will it cost? This is a very reasonable concern. In talking to attorney Jacob S. Gunter about a car accident, the consultation is always free and you will not pay anything until you receive a settlement. Case Costs. A real, experienced personal injury
On October 14, 2016

Timelines in a Litigated Personal Injury Case

  Car accident personal injury cases can be resolved in several ways: (1) Don’t file a lawsuit; (2) Settle the claim; (3) File a Small Claims lawsuit; (4) File a District Court lawsuit with arbitration; or, (5) File a District Court lawsuit with a jury track. This article describes the basic time lines when your
On October 11, 2016

Top Insurance Defenses to Utah Car Collision Cases

Top Insurance Defenses to Utah Car Collision Cases The majority of my legal work is personal injury, and specifically, car accident cases. I always represent the injured, not the insurance carrier. I see what the common objections and defenses insurance adjusters take, along with their attorneys. Here are the top insurance adjuster defenses and how