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Personal injury attorney Jake Gunter strives to provide the best legal resources and counsel for his car accident clients. Below you can find very helpful websites for legal information.

(1).  Davis County Online Jail Inmate Search. You can find the incarcerated people here.

(2).  Davis County Land Records. Easy way to search for landowners.

(3).  Salt Lake County Jail Inmate Search. Search the Salt Lake County jail inmate population.

(4).  Utah County Jail Inmate Search. Search Utah County’s jail inmate population.

(5).  Utah County Online Land Records. A great place to see if the at-fault party in a Utah car accident is underinsured and what his land assets are.

(6).  The Daily Herald Newspaper. Utah County’s leading local newspaper.

(7).  Utah Business Entity Search. Find out who owns a Utah business.

(8).  Utah Bar Directory of Attorneys. All licensed Utah attorney are listed here with full contact information.

(9).  Utah Courts Website. A ridiculous amount of legal information and forms at this website.

(10).  Utah Legislature. A free Utah code book is found here along with Utah’s constitution. Lots of legislative histories and video of legislative sessions. A landmine of information about Utah law.

(11).  Utah Court Opinions. This website lists legal opinions of Utah’s appellate courts.

(12).  Utah Department of Commerce. UCC filings and other Utah business information.

(13).  Utah Association for Justice. The premier association for plaintiff sided personal injury attorneys.

(14).  Utah Repository of Court Records. A paid subscription to court documents and legal case inquiries. Essential for any private investigator.

(15).  United States Supreme Court Opinions. Legal opinions from our county’s highest court.

(16).  United States Code. This website has them all. United States Code, Federal court rules, Bankruptcy rules.

(17).  Utah’s Administrative Rules Regarding Unfair Insurance Adjuster Practices. Fair Settlement practices for insurance claims.

(18).  Utah Rules of Civil Procedure.  Here you can find the civil rules which your personal injury attorney has to play by when pressing your personal injury case in the Utah court system.

(19).  Utah County Animal Ordinances.  Utah County has animal ordinances which apply when horses or other livestock get loose from their enclosures and hurt someone.

(20).  Orem City Dog Bite Ordinances.  Orem City has ordinances on dog bite attacks and how to deal with habitual, negligent dog owners.  See Chapter 5.

(21).  Utah Rules of Evidence.  See the Utah Rules of Evidence here.

(22).  Utah Online Warrant Search.  Look here to see if the person who hit you in your Utah car accident has an active warrant for their arrest.

(23).  Utah Online Driver License Request.  Like most states today, you can access and order your Utah driving records online here.

(24).  Utah Insurance Complaint.  Has a Utah insurance company treated you poorly in the administration of your insurance claim?  There are formal ways to file an insurance complaint.   See this link.

(25).  Utah Insurance Department.  Utah insurance is complicated and very regulated by the government.  See the Utah Insurance Department’s website for your consumer rights.

The websites listed above are for a reference to during the legal process. Call personal injury attorney Jake Gunter with any legal questions. (801) 877-1875.