Utah personal injury attorneyIt seems like every Utah attorney advertises they do car accidents and personal injury law—but few actually do it regularly and consistently.  Often those attorneys are doing a bit a divorce, bankruptcy and Wills to pay the bills.  They don’t really practice injury law day-in, day-out.

Here are some red flags when hiring a Utah car accident lawyer for your injury claim:

(1).  They only have 3 cases going.  Real practicing Utah car accident lawyers will have dozens and dozens of car accident cases going at any time.  If the attorney states they have only three or ten, maybe time to find another attorney.

Key Question to Ask“How many car accident cases do you have right now?”Utah car accident lawyer

(2).  They don’t litigate.  You don’t want to be the first jury trial that attorney has every tried.  You don’t want to be their test case.  If the attorney hasn’t even been in a car accident jury trial, that’s a red flag.  Inexperienced attorneys don’t understand what it takes to go start-to-finish, all the way to a jury trial when needed to get you the best result.  Some lawyers purposefully never file lawsuits and the insurance company and defense lawyers know it.  As a result you will get less value for your injuries when you hire an non-trial lawyer.

Key Question to Ask:  “When was your last injury jury trial?”

(3). Their website advertises everything.  If you go to their website and it advertises they do everything—that’s a red flag. It is very difficult to be a great injury attorney doing one or two practice areas.  It is nearly impossible to do bankruptcy, divorce, criminal law and estate planning with any mastery.  If you hire a general practice attorney for your car accident case you will get general results.  Don’t hire a dabbler for your car accident case.

Key Question to Ask:  Well, just look at their website and ask if they really practice personal injury only.

Utah Car Accident Lawyer Jake Gunter has been practicing law for nearly 20 years. He only takes injury cases and criminal Utah Personal Injury Lawyerdefense.  He has been regularly trying lawsuits to juries for nearly two decades.  Free Consultation:  TXT/Call (801) 373-6345.