What happens when you get into a Utah car accident and you do not have insurance, but it was not your fault?

You Can See a Personal Injury Attorney:

First, you can still make a personal injury claim. It does not matter that you did not have car insurance at the time of the wreck. Do not let the fact that you did not have insurance make you afraid to go to a personal injury attorney, or file a lawsuit. Most often, the fact that you had no insurance will not even come up during the insurance claims process, or at a trial, if your injury case goes that far.

No Insurance Ticket has Little Effect:

Second, at the accident scene, you may be criminally cited for not having insurance. A no insurance ticket has little to do with your ability to ask for compensation for your injuries and car damage from the at-fault person. There is no legal bar to asking for compensation when you did not have insurance at the time of the collision.

No Underinsured Benefits Available:

Third, your compensation that you receive from the at-fault driver for your injuries will be limited to the at-fault driver’s liability policy of insurance. If you had insurance, you would have been able to make an underinsured claim against your own insurance company in the case where the at-fault driver’s policy was inadequate to compensate you for your injuries.

No Personal Injury Protection Benefits (“PIP”) Generally:

Fourth, in Utah, since you did not have car insurance at the time of the collision, you will not have Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) benefits available to you. These benefits flow from your own car insurance, had you had car insurance at the time of the collision. PIP benefits cover the first $3,000 in related medical bills along with other benefits. They are no-fault beneifts, meaning it does not matter who is at fault for PIP benefits to begin flowing. Without car insurance, you will generally not have PIP benefits available.

See this overview article on PIP coverages.


You have options when you get hurt in a car accident and you do not have car insurance. Do not be afraid to speak to a personal injury attorney just because at the accident scene you did not have valid car insurance.
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