Utah Car Accidents While at Work.

Work Truck Accidents in UtahMost people think that if you are in a car accident while on the job you don’t have an injury claim.  Only a worker’s compensation claim.  False.  You have both a worker’s compensation claim and a personal injury claim.


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Driving at Work Car Accidents Examples.Car Accident While At Work

Door Dash.  You are driving for Door Dash and are rear-ended in Provo on University Avenue.  You will have a personal injury claim against the at-fault party who rear-ended you.

UBER.  You were t-boned on State Street in Orem.  The at-fault party ran the red light.  You will have a claim against the at-fault driver for your personal injuries.   

Dominos Pizza Delivery.  You are delivering pizza and are hit head-on in Provo Canyon.  You will have a claim against the at-fault driver.

Police Officers.   For whatever reason, police are in the news for being hit by other cars while making stops on the side of the road. These police officers will have a worker’s compensation claim and a personal injury insurance claim against the car that hit them.

Work Truck.   You are driving the company truck or work car during lunch and are involved in a multi-car pile-up on I-15, Utah County.  You may have a worker’s compensation claim and you will have a personal injury car accident claim.

Construction Workers, Roadway Work.   You are working alongside I-80 or I-15 doing roadway construction.  You are hit by a car that was not paying attention.  You will have a worker’s compensation claim and a personal injury claim.

Common Insurance Issues With Car Accidents While On-The-Job.

Insurance is already complicated in a normal, simply rear-end car accident.  Car accidents when you are at work and driving the company vehicle adds another layer of insurance issues.


Here are common insurance issues when you are in a car accident while at work:

Door Dash /Uber/LYFT Car Accident(1).  Does the Work Truck have Underinsured Motorist Coverage?    Your employer is not required to have underinsured motorist coverage on your work truck that you drive.  Underinsured motorist coverages for commercial vehicles can be waived and it does happen that the employer tries to save a dollar by waiving UIM coverages.

(2).  Will Your Own UIM Kick In?  If the work truck didn’t have underinsured coverages, will your own personal car insurance’s UIM coverages kick in to cover you?  Or will your own UIM carrier assert that the commercial activities exclusion applies and deny coverage?

(3).  Who is Primary PIP Carrier?  When you are involved in a car accident with a Utah car policy of insurance, generally there are personal injury protection benefits available (“PIP”).  PIP benefits can be waived on commercial vehicles.  Sometimes you can stack the primary PIP carrier with your own PIP coverages.  What insurance carrier is primary PIP coverage and who is secondary PIP coverage is always an issue.

(4).  Stacking Insurance Policies.  Triggering Insurance Policies.  Stacking of insurance policies is tricky business and only experienced Utah personal injury attorneys know how to spot the issue and resolve it.  Coverage issues often are resolved by filing declaratory action where you ask the judge to declare which insurance policy is trigged and order that they must pay benefits, if any.

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