Car v. Bike–What are my Options?

QUESTION:  I just got hit on my bicycle. What should I do?


(1).  Medical Care.   You should seek immediate medical care. That may include the ambulance, the emergency room and medical follow-up depending on your injuries.

(2).  Attorney.  You should consult an experienced personal injury attorney, one who actually practices, litigates and is the lead trial lawyer on personal injury cases. Not a medical malpractice attorney, not a divorce lawyer, or some other dabbler.

(3). Document. Document. Document.  Take pictures of your physical injuries. Keep your damaged clothing, ensure you document what damage was done to your bicycle as a result of being hit by the car. Follow-up with witnesses who were present, but did not give a witness statement.

(4).  Brain Injury.  Watch for a Brain Injury. Brain injuries are very serious business and when you are in a bicycle accident, you are much more prone to hurting your head. Seek medical care and specifically ask the doctor about the potential for a brain injury.

(5). PIP Benefits.  Use your car Insurance. Every Utah car insurance policy has $3,000 of personal injury protection benefits, called “PIP.” Use it. In a car v. bike episode, the car that hit you will be the primary PIP insurance for medical payments. Once that is exhausted, turn to your own car insurance and ask them to pay an additional $3,000 in PIP benefits. Don’t get stuck with unpaid medical bills–it was not your fault.
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