Brain Injury

August 17, 2017


BRAIN INJURY CASES ARE HARD AND DEVISTATING TO THE INJURED PARTY--CALL ATTORNEY JAKE GUNTER Brain injuries from Utah car accidents are terrible injuries.  The insurance carriers often question the mild traumatic brain injury because sometimes you can’t see the injury, even with a brain MRI.  So the insurance carriers are skeptical and… Continue reading

February 03, 2017

Utah Car Accident Head Injuries

Car Accident Head Injuries. Utah car accidents can cause serious physical injuries. One particular terrible harm is a head injury. If you are in a Utah car accident, Provo car accident attorney Jacob S. Gunter can help. Car accidents can cause serious head injuries. Having the help of an experienced personal injury… Continue reading

March 08, 2016

2016 Brain Injury Conference

Attorney Jacob S. Gunter recently attended the 2016 Brain Injury Conference.  The proper medical-legal documentation of a brain injury is critical.  Selecting a personal injury attorney who knows how to document a brain injury will get you better results. Call personal injury attorney Jacob S. Gunter if you have hurt your head… Continue reading

January 15, 2016


You have just been hit on your bicycle. You are hurt. What should you do? Get Medical Care: First, get appropriate medical care. Call 911 for medical help if needed, or if you think you may need it. Cutting back on medical care when you are hurt is not a good gamble… Continue reading