Commonly Asked Question–Provo Car Accidents

Question:  Do you Charge Money to Meet with You?

Answer:  No. It is always a free consultation to meet with me regarding personal injury cases.

Question:  How do I Pay for the Attorney?

Answer:  All my personal injury car accident cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. Meaning if you do not obtain compensation for your injuries, I do not get paid.  I carry all the fees and costs until you receive compensation.

Question:  I Just Got in an Car Accident. How can I get Medical Care?

Answer:  Every Utah car insurance policy has personal injury protection benefits (“PIP”) as a provision of the insurance policy. PIP benefits are no fault benefits and will pay at least $3,000 of necessary medical care related to your car accident injuries. For example, imagine you, your husband and your child rear end someone. Even though you are most likely at fault, all three of you will have PIP benefits available to pay for any necessary medical treated caused by the collision.