Yes.  When the dog owner has homeowners insurance, a dog bite is covered by that insurance policy.

Dog Bite Insurance ClaimsHomeowners insurance policies often covers dog bite or dog attacks in Utah.  Rarely is there a breed exclusion or a coverage exception.   Homeowners insurance covers dog attacks when they happen inside the house, in the front yard, at the neighbor’s back yard, or even at the park in a different state.

Breed Exceptions.

                There are can breed exceptions built into the homeowners policy of insurance expressly stating that certain dog breeds are not covered.  The homeowners policy will expressly list the breeds by name.  Often there is an argument that the exclusion in the insurance policy was not specific enough to exclude the dog in question, as many dogs are mixed or of an unknown origin.  A good time to call Utah personal injury attorney Jake Gunter.   Call/TXT(801) 373-6345.

What Happens When Dog Bite Occurred Away from the Home?

                Many Utah dog attacks occur at parks or in other public areas.  Most homeowners policies cover these dog bites that occur outside the home or yard of the dog owner.

What Happens if they Claim I Antagonized the Dog to Biting?

                As with most claims of fault comparison, the Utah Comparative Fault Act applies.  Comparative fault accusations that you antagonized the dog, or caused the dog to bite you will be evaluated under Utah’s fault comparison laws.  These claims that the dog was antagonized are difficult to prove and don’t happen nearly as much as the dog owners would like to assert.

Example Dog Bite Fault Comparison:  You are delivering a package for Amazon or FEDEX in Provo, Utah when you encounter the owner’s dog and reach out to pet it.  The dog bites you.  The owner claims you shouldn’t have been so stupid to try to pet his dog without permission.  This issue of whether you are at-fault is ultimately decided by the jury, but the claims adjuster will also use it to drive down your settlement value.

I was bit While Working as a Delivery Person.  Amazon, FEDEX, Postal Worker or Plumber?

                Tons of delivery people are bit by dogs during the course of their job.  US postal workers have similar issues.  Not only will you have a Workers Compensation claim, but you will also have a claim against the dog owner’s homeowners insurance.  You will have two possible sources of recovery for your injuries that occurred while delivering.  To be clear:  Just because you are at-work doesn’t mean you don’t have claim directly against the homeowners insurance company for the dog bite.

Discovery Your Options.

It doesn’t cost you anything to call Utah personal injury attorney Jake Gunter.  Call/TXT(801) 373-6345.  Ask for Jake.   Unless you receive compensation from the insurance company, you don’t owe Jake anything.   Signing up with Jake Gunter is free, easy and will help guide you through the insurance claims process.

The only time a lawsuit is filed is when you want to file a lawsuit.  There are not court appearances and most cases settled out-of-court.