Where You Injured by a Dog While at Work? Where You Injured by a Dog While at Work?

Being bit by a dog while on the job can incur a Workers Compensation claim along with a third-party claim against the dog owner’s insurance company. You don’t have to include a Workers Compensation claim, but often one is opened to help pay the bills.

1st Party Injury Claims. Claims made against your own insurance carrier.

3rd Party Injury Claims. Claims made against other person’s insurance companies.

Dog bite insurance injury claims are 3rd party injury claims because you are making an insurance claim against the dog owner’s insurance company.

Who Pays for my Injuries from the Dog Bite at Work?

When you are attacked by a dog while on the job, generally the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy will pay for your damages. If you were actively on the job at the time, you can also open a Workers Compensation claim. Workers compensation, first party insurance benefits are more restricted and limited than 3rd party insurance claims against the homeowner’s policy.

Workers Compensation Liens in Dog Bite Cases in Utah. Where You Injured by a Dog While at Work?

If your employer’s Workers Compensation insurance carrier pays any benefits (lost wages, medical bills, injuries ) they will have a lien on your dog bite settlement. Every dollar that the Workers Compensation liability carrier pays for your dog bite injuries, it will want back. Most of the time you will pay the lien amount back at a reduced rate.

Lien Reduction: Lien reduction is where you pay the lien holder less than their full lien amount to reflect that you collected their debt for them. Had you, the injury attorney, not been hired, the lien holder would have had to hire and pay an attorney to collect the lien monies.

A lien reduction reflects that the lien holder didn’t have to pay and hire an attorney to collect their monies.

Example. Dominos Pizza Delivery Dog Attack. You are delivering pizza in Provo, UT and are attached by a dog at the door. Your employer’s Workers Compensation carrier pays the $4,500 ER bill. You settle the dog bite for $15,000.

Settlement: $15,000.
Attorney Fees: $5,000.
Case Costs: $375 filing fee.
ER Bill Paid by WC: $4,500 total,
But only $3,500 paid by reduction.
Total Net Settlement to Injured Party: $6,125.

Common People Bit by Dogs While at Work.

Many contractors who work in homes or on construction sites are attacked by dogs. Plumbers, heating and cooling technicians, along with pizza delivery, Door Dash and Amazon drivers are commonly attacked by dogs. Unfortunately, United State Postal Workers have long dog bites histories at work.

Who Actually Pays in Dog Bite Insurance Cases?  Where You Injured by a Dog While at Work?
It is nearly always a myth that when you sue someone for a dog attack that you are going to take their house, take their business and force them into Bankruptcy. Homeowners’ insurance policies are designed to cover dog bite cases. Commercial premise liability policies can also cover dog bites.

Is Making a Dog Bite Insurance Claim the Same as Filing a Lawsuit?

Filing a simple insurance claim is not the same as filing a lawsuit for your Utah dog bite case. A lawsuit is a public filing where you may go to court. An insurance claim is a private matter submitted directly to the insurance company for adjudication. The only person who decides to file a lawsuit is the injured party. Yet, many, many times a lawsuit is needed to receive fair and adequate compensation for your dog bite injuries.