I was just bit by my neighbor’s dog. Do I have to file a lawsuit against my neighbor to get my medical bills paid for? It’s my neighbor, I don’t want to hurt him.


No. You do not have to file a lawsuit against your neighbor to get your medical bills paid or to receive compensation for your injuries. In reality, this is an insurance claim. It has very little to do with your neighbor.

What will happen is that you put your neighbor’s insurance company on notice. Then they will phone you and request to interview you over the phone, or your neighbor, or both. After the phone interview, your neighbor will not be involved in the claim resolution process. The neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance policy will take care of the rest. There is no lawsuit. Sure, your neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance premiums may go up, but they should not have allowed their dog to hurt people.

Dog bite insurance claims

Dog Bite are generally just insurance claims

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