Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Fire Damage Lawsuits

If your house has burned down and the insurance company is not cooperating, it is time to hire an insurance dispute attorney.

Insurance fire accident disputes sometimes need to be settled in a courtroom. Hiring an experienced fire damage insurance claim attorney can really help. The world of insurance policies, bad faith suits, and claims adjusters can be overwhelming.

Fire Accidents Claims. Fires can destroy residential homes, commercial buildings, cars, and farming crops and equipment. Fires caused by another person can conflagrate to your property, causing serious damages.

Fire damage insurance claims. The first thing to do with a fire damage claim is to report the matter to the police and medical providers. Secondly, you should consult with an experienced insurance dispute attorney who can help you take the right steps without any mistakes. Third, you should promptly report the matter to your insurance company covering the fire-damaged building, car, or property.

Warehouse Commercial Building Fire Damage Claims. Warehouse commercial building fire damage claims can be extensive. Not only are the commercial building expensive, but the goods and products lost in the fire can be in the hundreds of thousands. Obtaining fast reimbursement for your losses from the insurance carrier can be the difference between losing your business and staying open.

Who is Liable for a Utah Fire Damage Accident?

First, the person who started the fire is at fault. Often this person can be the neighbor next door, or perhaps they can be an arsonist. The first person liable to compensate you for your fire damages is that person, or that person’s insurance company.

Example: You live in Provo, Utah. Your neighbor’s car starts on fire, causing your house to burn down. Your first line of compensation for your fire damages would be your neighbor’s car insurance.

Example: You live in Orem, Utah. Your neighbor’s house burns down because they were smoking in bed. The neighbor’s house fire burns your house down. You neighbor and their home owner’s insurance company would be responsible for any fire damage they caused to your house, its contents, and any physical injuries.

Example: You live in Lindon, Utah. Your electrical circuits are overwhelmed. They spark and start a fire that burns your own house down. It is totally your fault that you burned your own house down.

Your own insurance company, if you paid for the normal fire protection benefits, would be responsible to pay for your fire damages. Most homeowners’ policies have fire protection benefits associated with them. If your own insurance company is acting in bad faith and not covering all of your fire-connected damages up to the policy cap, you have a bad faith lawsuit against your own homeowner’s insurance company for refusing to pay.

Fire Spreading Claims – Conflagration. One common cause of fire damage claims is where the fire spreads from one area to your home, commercial building, or property. This is called fire spreading or conflagration. The person who initially started the fire which conflagrated, or spread, to your property is responsible. Their insurance company should step in to pay all damages.

Should I get a Lawyer after a House Fire?YES. The world of insurance is a maze to even attorneys who don’t practice insurance law. It is even more complicated to non-lawyers who are damaged from a fire. A lawyer who has handled fire insurance claims or lawsuits can tell you when to retain a fire expert and how to respond to the insurance company so not to compromise your compensation.

Sometimes, the early steps of a fire damage case are critical to determining who is at fault for causing the fire and damage to your property.

Burn Injuries. Common fire injuries are burns from electrical fires and explosions. Depending on who started the fire, the covering insurance company will be the one handling the bodily injuries caused by the fire.

Burn injury types and complications can include:

Chemical burns and irritants

Electrical physical injuries

Pediatric burn injuries

Radiation burns

Heat scalding injuries

Smoke lung and inhalation injuries

Burn care, both long and short term (plastic surgery, skin grafts, etc)

Subsequent burn infections

Pain management, both procedural and medication-based

Structure fire damage, injury, and wrongful death claims.

Wrongful death claims caused by fire damage are serious matters. Often the homeowner’s policy of insurance does not have adequate insurance proceeds to properly compensate for a death. Hiring a wrongful death attorney to help guide you through the process greatly reduces the stress and speeds up the settlement process.

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