Utah Fire Claims AttorneysFire cases often require expert witness testimony and an experienced attorney to settle. Otherwise you will receive nothing from possible insurance policies covering the fire.  Utah fire damage insurance attorney Jake Gunter handles fire claims state wide and is versed in pinning down liability and getting your compensation for your damages.

Common Utah Fire Claims.

We all know when your property is damaged from fire, or you get burned, but who is at-fault and who pays the medical bills. Here are some common fire injury or fire property damage cases in Utah.

Residential Home Burns Down.  Your Draper home starts on fire due to an electrical circuit failing.  Your Draper home is completely destroyed in the fire, along with all your personal property and cars.  Regardless of how the fire started, your homeowners insurance policy should cover this fire.

If you homeowners insurance is denying your fire claim, calling an experienced fire attorney can really help and level the playing field.

The Neighbor’s House Burns Down, Burning Your House Down. Your neighbor’s house burns down because they are running a meth lab inside. Consequently your house burns down due to their fault.  You will have a claim against your neighbor’s insurance company for compensation.

Warehouse Fire Claims.  A large Salt Lake City warehouse burns down with all contents destroyed, estimated at 1 million dollars.  You will need to hire an expert witness to prove how the fire started and why your insurance company should pay for the damages.

Burn Injuries.  You are a guest at a hotel which starts on fire causing you burn injuries.  You will have a claim for your burn injuries against the hotel’s insurance company.

First Party Fire Insurance Claims.

Burns Explosion Fire Damages Attorney First party insurance fire claims are where your own insurance company is the insuring carrier.  This is often where you have a valuation dispute over your personal belongings with your own insurance company.   Here the fire insurance claim is against your own insurance company and you are the “insured.”

Third Party Fire Insurance Claims.

                Third party fire insurance claims in Utah are were you suffer fire damage or personal injuries from a fire that someone else started.  The fire was caused by the neighbor’s house, or the adjoining commercial building.  Here the fire insurance claim is against another person’s fire insurance company.

How to Prove Your Utah Fire Damage Claim.

When you do not have obvious fire cases, you will often have to hire a Ph.D. fire engineer to review the claim and make a determination on where the fire started, who started it, how it was started and how it spread.  Most often a fire expert is required to bring a fire lawsuit, without them your fire insurance claim will not see the light of a courtroom.

How to Itemize your Damages from a Utah Fire Claim.

You must itemize your fire damage claims or you will receive little.  You can’t just call the insurance adjuster and tell them your 1976 Chevy Super Sport was worth $40,000 and was completely destroyed in the fire.  The fire adjuster will not believe you.  Nor will the jury.

One way to prove up your personal property damages is to produce a listing of all personal property damage or destroyed with a corresponding value attached.  The value you attach is based on the used value, not the new value.  Yard sale value is often a good rule to value most personal property items.  Everyone knows that your old kitchen table where your raised your children at has great value to you, but it has little value to the insurance adjuster, especially in the used condition it is in.


                If you have been damaged by a fire that started by someone else’s fault, hiring a Utah fire damage attorney can really help.   Knowing how to handle the fire claim and which experts to hire can put your fire insurance claim on the right start for full and fair compensation for you damages.