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Herriman in the 2000 census had 1,523 people. Now twenty years later is has 58,198 according to the 2020 census. Like most of Utah, Herriman is booming. Herriman Car Accident Lawyer Jake Gunter Call/TXT (801) 373-6345

When you are involved in a Herriman, UT car accident hiring a professional right from the beginning will take enormous stress off your back. Avoid making mistakes that the insurance company will capitalize on. Being in a car accident is not jackpot justice or a chance to make money. Being injured in a Herriman, UT car accident is unfortunate and everyone wishes it would never have happened. But when an accident does occur, hiring a real car accident lawyer who works day-in, day-out with car accidents will get you the compensation you deserve.

How to Pick a Real Working Herriman Car Accident Lawyer?

Here are some basic tips when selecting a car accident lawyer and what to look and ask for.

(1). Their Website. Does their website or personal bio advertise they are specialists in five different areas of law? Red flag and likely means they don’t do enough volume in any one practice area to be proficient. They are not “All In.”
Questions to Ask: Do you only practice personal injury cases? What other areas do you practice?
(2). Never File Lawsuits. A car accident lawyer who never files lawsuits is well known to the insurance companies. The insurance companies know that they don’t have to worry about much because these attorneys will never file suit. Always pick an attorney who files car accident lawsuits regularly and you will improve your chances of fair and adequate compensation.
Question to Ask: Out of your last 100 car accident cases, how many car accident cases did you file a lawsuit on?
(3). Never Been to Trial. A lawyer who has never been to a jury trial is probable not the attorney for you. You need a true courtroom tested advocate on your side if you injury case needs to go all the way to a jury. Young lawyers rarely have courtroom experience, let alone civil trial experience.
Question to Ask: How many jury trials did you conduct last year? How many jury trials have you have completed as the lead attorney?
(4). See this VIDEO on the number question to ask a personal injury attorney.
See this VIDEO on how to select a good personal injury attorney.

Common Mistakes After a Herriman Car Accident.
(1). Not Calling the Police. Most of the time when you are involved in a Utah car accident you have a duty to stay at the scene and exchange insurance information. Not calling the police to document the accident is a huge mistake. It can be overcome, but you should at-least call dispatch and document what happened.

(2). Not Seeing a Doctor Immediately. Everyone likes a tough hard working American. But don’t risk your health by not seeing an appropriate medical provider after your car collision. Regardless of whether you feel really hurt, or just a bit, documenting your injuries with a doctor avoids the insurance company stating you were not hurt in the case where you do need to pursue an injury claim.

(3). Hire an Experienced Injury Attorney. Don’t cause yourself unneeded stress and just immediately hire an attorney to guide you through the process. A Utah injury attorney will have handled hundreds of car accidents year after year. The injury attorney can guide you through the process start-to-finish with way less stress, more compensation and faster.

Would you do your own dental work? No. Call an attorney for help.

(4). See this VIDEO on avoiding common mistakes after a Utah car accident.

Common Types of Car Collisions in Herriman, UT 84096

Common car accidents that occur on Main Street, Rosecrest Road or by the Herriman Towne Center include:

Rear-End Car Accidents. Rear-end car collisions cause specific neck injuries that are produced by being pushed forward, then rebounding backwards. For whatever reason rear-end collisions cause particular harm to the human neck. Dashboard knee also results when your knees are jammed on the pedals, forcing your knees into the dash teaching posterior and anterior cruciate ligaments.

Left-Hand Turn Accidents. The person making the left-hand turn is generally at-fault for the car collision and the law states that the turning vehicle must yield to oncoming traffic. Sideways impact forces can cause head concussions, especially when there is impact with the head and sidewall. Although to have a head injury, no impact is needed.

Intersection Collisions. Intersection car accidents take many difference forms and generally involve multiple cars and car insurance companies. Each car insurance carrier will be pointing the fingers at the other cars, stating they are at-fault for the collision. Having a good attorney who can sort this out is critical. Further, you may have multiple claims against multiple different cars for their respective fault in causing the accident.

DUI Accidents. DUI, or drunk or drugged driving accident have special issues that must be addressed. Normally punitive damages are not included in routine car accidents, but punitive damages are specifically allowed for in drunk driving cases causing injury. See Utah Code 78B-8-201.

Passenger Claims. Passengers injured in car accident bear zero fault for causing the car accident. Just like intersection collisions with multiple cars, passengers will also have a claim against the other drivers, but also likely against the driver of the car they were in.


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