HIT ON YOUR MOPED: 3 Things to Do.

You were just hit while riding on your moped in Provo, Utah. You are hurt. You can’t work. What are the best next steps. Here are 3 action items that you should do.

(1) Call your Insurance Company. After the initial recovery and you can make some calls, you should call your insurance company and see if your Moped has medical pay benefits. First party medical pay benefits is where your own Moped insurance company will start automatically paying bills that were incurred because of the accident.

If your moped does not have medical pay benefits, you should seek medical care through your private health care insurance. If you don’t have private health care insurance, your personal injury attorney will often be able to obtain lien based medical care.

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(2) Find a Personal Injury Attorney. Finding a qualified personal injury attorney is not as easy as one would think. For whatever reason, it seems like every attorney in town advertises that they take car accident cases. When in reality, they only dabble a bit in car accidents, may be four cases per year. You will want to find a personal injury attorney who regularly takes car accident cases to trial, not just settles cases. You will get better results with an experienced car accident attorney who focuses on car accident cases.

Often the injured person will not have private health care insurance, or adequate medical pay benefits under their own Moped insurance. Your attorney will be able to obtain lien based medical care, whether it is a surgery, chiropractic, or physical therapy. You could be badly hurt, but without proper medical documentation your claim will be significantly devalued. An experienced personal injury attorney will have seen hundreds of cases and understands how to medically document your injuries.

(3) Get Medical Care. If you are hit, you should not take risks on your health. Generally, if you are hit on your Moped, you should see a medical doctor that day. Whether it is the emergency room, a walk-in clinic, or your primary care physician. This is about your health. Don’t try to “tuff” it out.

After seeing the doctor, you need to follow-up on his orders, if any. Most of the time, if you are hit, your family doctor will refer you to a physical therapist, or chiropractor. Follow your doctor’s orders and get the care you need. Not following the orders will result in deteriorated health, and devalue your insurance claim due to inadequate medical documentation.

If you are hit on your Moped in Provo, Utah, call personal injury attorney Jacob S. Gunter for a free consultation. (801) 373-6345.