When you are hurt in a Utah car accident, finding the best car accident attorney matters.  Finding a car accident lawyer that regularly and consistently handles Utah car accidents is of great concern.

Here are some three characteristics to look for when hiring the best Utah car accident attorney:

(1).  Jury Trial Experience.  Does the car accident attorney you are speaking with have actual, real jury trial experience?  Jury trial experience comes with age and younger attorneys generally will not have enough time under their belt to have real jury trial experience.  Further, in these legal times, most civil personal injury cases settled and are not tried to a jury.  This decrease in actual civil jury trials almost eliminates newer attorneys obtaining jury trial experience.

Inside a courtroom.

Jury Trial Experience Matters

(2).  Regularly Handles Car Accident Cases.  When looking for the best Utah car accident lawyer, you will want to hire an attorney who regularly handles personal injury car accident cases.  Multiple attorneys advertise for car accidents, but far fewer practice personal injury as their main practice area.  Most just handle a few cases each year, compared to handling several cases each month.

The one exception to this rule is: There are

some firms that handle a very large amount of personal injury cases, but these lawyers can often still lack real jury trial experience.  It is still good to have handled a large amount of cases, but without real trial experience, these lawyers will often get inferior settlement offers because the insurance companies know they don’t have the skills to try a lawsuit, nor the motivation.

(3).  War Chest.  Many lawyers simply don’t have the war chest, or financial means to handle personal injury car accident cases from start to finish.  Typical personal injury car accident case costs can vary, but expect that the personal injury attorney will need to carry around $1,000 on each case.  This matters because that adds up when you have 100 + personal injury cases.  Further, many cases require much, much more money for expert witnesses.

Provo car accident attorney

If you are in a Provo Car Accident, hiring a personal injury will save you time and money and provide for better results.

The best personal injury attorneys will have the financial abilities to front the costs of the best expert witnesses to present your case to the jury or the insurance carrier.  Common expert witnesses include physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, economists, occupational rehabilitationist and accident reconstructionists, to name a few.


Would you hire a foot doctor to do your root canal, or would you hire a dentist specialized in root canals, who does root canals every day–consistently? You will get better results with a professional personal injury attorney who regularly practices personal injury car accident cases in Utah.

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