After a car accident getting better and getting your car fixed or replaced is really important. If life was tight, it just got a lot more difficult because now you can’t work, your car doesn’t work and you are hurt. A good personal injury attorney will immediately step in, get your car fixed, get you a rental car and start pressing your personal injury insurance claims.

Property Damage:

Most personal injury attorneys only want to deal with the injury side of your case, but Attorney Jacob S. Gunter understands that you need to get better and get your car fixed, at the same time. He helps you secure a rental car from your insurance company or from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If both insurance companies refuse, this expense will just added to settlement demand.

Plan 1. Ask the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance for a Rental Car:

After a car accident your attorney should ask the at-fault driver’s car insurance to immediately start paying for a rental car. Usually this does not occur because most Utah at-fault insurance carriers want to see how the liability portion of the car accident case shakes out. This is especially true when the accident is not a clear cut case of 100 percent liability like a rear end collision.  If the at-fault insurance company refuses, or refuses to respond, you will need to proceed to Plan 2.

Plan 2. Use your Car Insurance to get a Rental Car:

If the at-fault driver is refusing to allow for a rental car, your own car insurance may have a rental car benefit. Your personal injury attorney should immediately speak with your own insurance company and determine if your policy has a rental car benefit. Whether your car insurance has a rental car benefit is a matter of looking at the insurance contract. The contract language will also govern how long you can have your rental car for.

Plan 3. Both Insurance Carriers Refuse to Provide for a Rental Car:

At this point the at-fault insurance company has refused to accept liability. Plus your own policy of car insurance does not have a rental car benefit. What do you do? Here, you are forced to endure without a rental car, or front the money to pay for the car and tack these rental car expenses onto the total settlement amount.

The Insurance Adjuster is Saying I can’t have the Rental Car Anymore. How long can I keep a rental car for?

Under Utah law, the at-fault driver is responsible for all the damages they cause. If you need a rental car for 30 days because of your busy schedule, the at-fault driver takes your situation as he found you. If you have a rental car benefit under your own insurance, the contract language will govern how long you can keep your rental car for.

You should be cautious about having a rental longer than is reasonable or necessary under the circumstances. And you should not delay in getting your car fixed in a prompt manner because you have a duty under Utah law to mitigate your damages, or cap and prevent your damages from increasing unreasonably.

How to Get a Rental Car after Your Crash


Getting a rental car while your car is being fixed is important to getting you back on your feet. A good personal injury attorney will make this happen without extra charge. Jacob S. Gunter, (801) 373-6345.