Dealing with a Utah life insurance denial or accidental death and dismemberment (“AD&D”) denial is frustrating, difficult and makes your feel helpless against large insurance companies.  Delayed life insurance claims only add to the frustration.

Hiring a Utah life insurance denial attorney to challenge your claim denial can make the difference and really take the stress off.

Life insurance denial attorney

Bad Faith Lawsuits.

When you are dealing with your own insurance company, the insurance company has an obligation to treat you fairly and deal in good faith.  Outrageous insurance denials.  Completely low offers on blatant policy limits injuries and damages can cause a Utah bad faith insurance claim to arise.

Bad faith lawsuits are complicated and process starts the day you are injured.  Hiring a Utah bad faith insurance attorney immediately is your best option.  Most of the time you don’t know what you don’t know and there are critical steps to take when dealing with a bad faith insurance matter.

Life Insurance Denials and Appeals.   

Life insurance is supposed to pay out when certain triggering events occur.  If your life insurance payout has been denied calling a Utah life insurance denial law firm can really give you perspective and help you receive adequate and fair compensation.

Common Utah Life Insurance Claim Denial Reasons.

AD&D Insurance Claims Denial Lawyer

Incomplete Disclosures Life Insurance Denials.  Unintentionally not giving all information about your employment history can also trigger a life insurance denial.  Even when the death is not related to your employment or income history.  As the claimant / beneficiary, you can still face a denial.

Non-Smoker Denials. If you as the policyholder state you were a non-smoker when in fact you smoked a few times per month, often you are still denied benefits even when death had nothing to do with smoking.

Hazardous Hobbies Denials.  If you are a policy holder involved in military duties, parachuting rock climbing or other risky hobbies can subject you to a life insurance or disability insurance claim denial.  Even if it was the first time doing civilian parachuting or the risky activity.

ERISA Claims and Appeals Process.

Often life insurance or accident and dismemberment claims are covered by a federal law call ERISA. The Employee Retirement and Income Security Act of 1974 is often the controlling law concerning life insurance or AD&D claims.

Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (“VGLI”)

VGLI Life Insurance Claim Denial Law Firm

Veterans’ Group Life Insurance is a program that allows former and current servicemembers to have life insurance when often life insurance for military populations are more difficult to obtain.   Just like other commercial life insurance policies, military VGLI can also wrongfully deny your claim.

Utah Accidental Death and Dismemberment Claims (AD&D).  What are AD&D Claims and Policies?  What Do AD&D policies cover?

When your loved one is severely injured or killed in an accident, such as a Utah car accident, boating accident or motorcycle accident, a life insurance policy or accident and dismemberment policy can cover the love one’s injuries or death.

What Do Utah Accident and Dismemberment Policies Cover?   

AD&D insurance policies cover specific accidents.  The coverage is in how the policy defines accidents and “covered losses.”  AD&D insurance companies will pay the beneficiary a benefit, or sum of money for death or dismemberment.   Common ways Utah AD&D policies pay out are:


Motorcycle Accidents. 

Car Accidents.

Wrongful Death. 

Boating Accident. 

Skiing Accidents.  Catastrophic Accidents. 

Explosions.  Building Collapses, etc.

               Common AD&D benefits or sums of money paid are for the following injuries:

Hearing, total loss, one or both ears.

Loss of arms, legs or limbs.

Eyesight, either one or both eyes.  Total eye sight loss or partial eye sight loss.

Speech, verbal abilities.

                Common AD&D exclusions which can be litigated are:

Death for a surgical operation. 

Drug overdose death, whether intentional or unintentional.

Drunk driving, dunk boating, etc.


Jake has nearly 20 years’ experience working with people seeking compensation for injuries and damages sustained.  Free consultation.  Call/TXT (801) 373-6345 ask for Jake.   Most life insurance denial cases are taken on a contingency fee basis where you don’t pay the attorney anything unless you recover compensation.