If you are in a Provo, Utah car accident, you should immediately seek appropriate medical care. First and foremost, proper medical care is good for your health, but medical documentation is critical for any personal injury insurance claim that may come later. Not all car accidents mature into a personal injury claim, but for sure, even if you have injuries from the collision, without documentation, you will not receive adequate compensation.
Tale of Two Passengers in the Same Car Accident.
Imagine two rear seat passengers in the same rear-end car collision. They are nearly twins, same height, same weight and no preexisting injuries. Both of them receive the same injuries.
One passenger received the assistance of a real, experienced personal injury attorney. The other did not and opted to navigate the worlds of insurance claims alone.
The Injured Passenger who Hired a Personal Injury Attorney.
The represented passenger was immediately counseled about obtaining a medical doctor’s diagnosis of her injuries, followed up by physical therapy. Her personal injury attorney monitored the medical care and followed up with the client for evolving symptoms that may require further medical diagnosis. Once the client reached maximum medical improvement the attorney prepared a demand package outlining the client’s injuries and the impact on the client’s life. The personal injury attoney asks for nothing more than is required, and nothing less. The money demand included lost wages, reimbursement for medical bills, mileage to and from the medical appointments, and most importantly, the injury to the person and the impairment of their quality of life.
The Unrepresented Passenger.
The other unrepresented passenger did not see a personal injury attorney. They went solo into the vast arena of insurance claims adjustments. They don’t know what the statute of limitations is. They don’t know about Utah’s personal injury protection benefits, lost wages, and household services reimbursements. The at-fault liability insurance carrier now wants an adjuster interview and she doesn’t know whether she has to give one or not. Within nine days, the at-fault insurance carrier is writing a letter offering $1,500 to settle the matter. The injured unrepresented party may think this is a great offer, but doesn’t realize that she may need surgery the next month.
The counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney makes a differences when you are experiencing an injury.
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