Most Common Utah Car Accident Injury Claims and the Special Problems


When you are injured in a Utah car accident, here are the most common types of accidents and their particular issues associated with each of them:

(1). 3-2-1 Rear-End Car Accident. You are stopped at the light on University Parkway in Orem, Utah and are hit from behind. After some investigation it appears to be a 3-2-1 rear-ender involving 3 different cars. UTAH CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER JAKE GUNTER.  CALL/TXT (801) 373-6345.

Common Issues. Fault Apportionment. Apportionment between the last car and the car that hit you in the rear-end collision is always going to be argued between the at-fault insurance companies. The number 3 large truck that pushed into car 2 that eventually rear-ended you is going to say that Car 2 did the most damage. Car 2 is going to state that the larger truck 3 is most at-fault.

The Remedy is that you need to make injury insurance claims against both of them and often you have to sue them both to ensure adequate and fair compensation.

(2). Passenger Car Accident Injury Claims. You are an innocent passenger in a left-hand turn car accident in Provo, Utah. The car you were in was turning left and collided with oncoming traffic. Left hand turning drivers are generally considered at-fault. The oncoming truck claims that you failed to yield. Your driver claims he was speeding.

Common Issues. Fault Apportionment. Much like the 3-2-1 rear-end collision, as the passenger you will need to make a claim against both the oncoming truck driver and the driver of the car you were in. The problem is that you often don’t want to sue your car’s driver because they are your friend, parent or wife.

The Remedy is that you understand that a passenger claim against your car’s driver is just an insurance claim. You are not suing your friend driver and even if you do sue them it is really just about insurance proceeds to compensate you. You have no intention on selling his house or making them miserable. This is just an insurance claim where the driver’s car is running the show.

(3). Multi-Car Pile-Ups. You are on I-15 near Juab County, Nephi during Utah winter storm and are involved with a multiple car pile-up. 5-6 cars were involved.

Common Issues. Inability to Settle. When you are dealing with anything more than just two insured vehicles, let alone a five-car pile-up in snowy conditions, you need to expect slowness as the insurance coverages and liabilities are untangled.

The Remedy is that you need to expect a much slower case when dealing with a mutli-car pile-up. Often, once you are done treating, you should expect to have to file a lawsuit against all the involved drivers. A lawsuit against all drivers serves as a forced mechanism to ensure timely depositions and pressures to settle.