A major concern of people hiring an attorney is how much will it cost? This is a very reasonable concern. In talking to attorney Jacob S. Gunter about a car accident, the consultation is always free and you will not pay anything until you receive a settlement.

Case Costs.

A real, experienced personal injury attorney will often front case costs in a personal injury case. These costs are reimbursed by the client from the settlement proceeds. The attorney and the law firm will carry these costs during the litigation and often for years. This is an expensive undertaking for the law firm. You can tell a good personal injury attorney by their ability to carry these costs. Personal injury law firms that don’t have the ability to carry costs is a sign that they just dabble in car accident cases, rather than the real-deal, focused car accident attorneys.

Case costs can amount to thousands of dollars and often times over $10,000. Orthopedic surgeons, expert witnesses, vocational rehabilitation expert, economists, medical opinions, and accident reconstructionists, to name a few, cost lots of money. You should also know that the insurance company will hire the best experts.

Attorney Fees.

A personal injury attorney working on a contingent fee does not get paid until the end of the case, when a settlement or verdict is issued. If the case is lost, the personal injury attorney does not ask for his fees from the client. If you lose your personal injury case, you owe the attorney nothing.

At Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC and personal injury attorney Jacob S. Gunter, we do not charge a fee, or collect on our case costs unless you receive a settlement.
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