Here is What you Need to Know About Your Provo, UT Motorcycle Accident. Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Provo, UT

(1). Seems like every lawyer advertises they do motorcycle accidents, but only a few really practice personal injury law. Chose the experienced attorney.
(2). Finding a lawyer with real motorcycle jury trial experience is critical to getting the best results.
(3). Don’t hire a rookie for your serious motorcycle accident injuries.
(4). Why hire motorcycle accident lawyer Jake Gunter.

Not All Attorneys Actually Practice Motorcycle Accident Law

It seems like every attorney’s website states they take personal injury cases. That’s for sure true—but not all those attorneys really practice injury law day-in, day-out. More likely they are taking some divorces, then a misdemeanor case and them some estate work to pay the bills.

Don’t hire a general practice attorney for your serious Provo, UT motorcycle accident case.

Hire a Provo, Utah attorney who regularly takes personal injury cases to jury trials. Not someone who only settles cases.

Hire a Jury Trial Lawyer for your Serious Provo, UT Motorcycle Accident Case

Most attorneys never go to court regularly. Of the attorneys who are trial lawyers, most are criminal lawyers who frequently attend court and try juries. The civil jury trial lawyers trying personal injury cases are even rarer birds. Most personal injury attorneys, even when working exclusively in personal injury rarely go to court and certainly never try an injury case to a jury.

In fact there are whole law firms and attorneys who never file lawsuits for better results when needed. Those attorneys and law firms hire attorneys like Jake Gunter to try their cases for them. Make sure when picking an attorney, pick a jury lawyer who regularly goes to trial. You will get better results.

Don’t Hire a Rookie Attorney for your Serious Motorcycle Accident

If you hire someone on TV, radio or a billboard there is a good chance you will get a young, inexperienced associate attorney who has never stepped a foot in a courtroom.

Attorney seasoning tends to start around 10 years out of law school. Generally you need around 25 jury trials under your belt before you have a real feel for how to conduct a jury trial. Insurance companies know which plaintiff’s personal injury attorneys are real trial lawyers, capable of going to trial and which ones will always settle.

Utah Personal Injury Attorney Jake Gunter—Nearly 20 Years Experience Trying Juries

Trial lawyer Jake Gunter has nearly 20 years practicing law. He has been trying juries trial from year one from his days practicing law in Michigan as a court appointed attorney. He has almost 30 first chair jury trials under his belt and over 2,000 court appearances.

All Jake does is represent people. He doesn’t represent any businesses or insurance companies. His entire career has been helping people injured through no fault of their own and criminal defense. He is at home in a courtroom.