Recent Success for Howard Lewis and Petersen, PC

On August 20th of this year, the trial lawyers at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC settled $331,160 in personal injury cases.  The first case was a rear end automobile collision that happened in Moab, Utah in 2010.

Injury Trial Lawyer

Utah is a no-fault state, meaning that after you are involved in an accident, no matter how serious it was or who caused it, you are responsible for getting the compensation you deserve from your insurance company. We don’t recommend you try to do this alone, because insurance companies are highly motivated to avoid paying claims in full and promptly, even when your claim is legitimate. Our legal team will fight the battle for you, and seek to recover all the compensation owed to you.

The second case was a medical malpractice matter involving a child.

Nothing is more terrifying than having to trust the health, safety, and life of your child to another person. However, parents must do this every time their child’s injury or illness requires the aid of a trained medical practitioner. While this is generally safe to do, unfortunately medical malpractice does happen. When it does, you may be emotionally vulnerable and desperate for a solution. This is when you need a lawyer on your side to protect your rights. Malpractice can be committed by many levels and types of healthcare workers, and most of these claims must be settled by the hospital that employees these workers. The hospital is financially responsible for these mistakes, but they employ their own lawyers that may pressure upset parents to settle for less than they need. Having our distinguished legal team on your side will be a powerful asset.

When hiring attorneys to help with you personal injury case, experience matters. At Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC we use our diverse and comprehensive knowledge of case law and precedents to fight for your rights and needs. If you have been involved in a personal injury or malpractice case, contact us today for a free consultation

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