You just got in a car accident. Your car is totaled. It was not your fault. How can I get a rental car so I can get to work?


Here are your options for getting a rental car after a Utah car accident.

1. Have your personal injury attorney call the insurance company for the person who hurt you and ask their insurance carrier to pay for your rental car.

2. Have your attorney call your own insurance company and verify that your Utah car insurance policy had rental car coverage.

3. Pay for the rental car out-of-pocket. Then include those bills in your settlement demand.

4. Rent a car from your friend, then include those bills in your settlement demand. Although your friend will not expect to be paid until you receive your settlement.

Not having a rental car after a car collision is extremely frustrating. Even worse, is that the insurance companies will often cut your rental car off prematurely, or get you a car that does not fit your needs. Like giving you a Geo Metro, when you have eight kids and you generally use a cargo van.

Car accident attorney Jacob S. Gunter regularly deals with insurance companies and assists his clients in obtaining rental cars and adequate property damage payments for their damaged cars.

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