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What are the Types of Spanish Fork Motorcycle Accident Cases?

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Spanish Fork.  US-6.  I-15 18-Wheeler Large Truck Accidents.

Motorcycle accidents on I-15 or US-6 are some of the most serious collisions that can occur.  An I-15 motorcycle collision with large or small vehicles at high speeds are devastating.  Motorcycle head injuries are very common.  Getting the right Utah motorcycle accident lawyer to help can make the difference.

Spanish Fork Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Motorcycle Wrongful Death.

Wrongful death motorcycle accident cases are serious injury cases.  The extent of how much compensation involved in a motorcycle wrongful death claim is the amount of insurance available.  Most motorcycles only carry $25,000 to $100,000 per person.  The Utah State insurance minimum is $25,000 per person, up to $65,000 per occurrence.  The amount of car insurance available is one significant limiter of how much compensation is available to the heirs of the decedent.

Motorcycle insurance policies are not required to have personal injury protection benefits, uninsured, or underinsured motorist coverage.  Generally these types of insurance coverages must be waived in writing.  A good injury attorney always checks the written waiver for conformity with Utah law concerning UIM/UM waivers.  Does your attorney even know about this?  If not, maybe you should seek a second opinion.

Passenger and Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims. 

Head injuries are very silent, often less detectable than other injuries, and cause serious mind fog, social dysfunction, and turmoil for the injured motorcycle rider.  Head injury cases require a skilled motorcycle injury attorney to help the injured person get the appropriate diagnostic medical care to treat their injuries.

Passengers on motorcycles also have a claim for injuries.  Often, they will have a claim against both the motorcycle driver and the other vehicles involved.  This can open up badly-needed additional insurance policies to recover from.

Motorcycles Accidents.  How is legal fault determined?

                Fault in a Spanish Fork motorcycle accident is determined by several factors.  Here are some things your motorcycle accident lawyer should look into:

(1).  Who was cited by the police officer?  (2).  What does the Utah Traffic Code state about the accident and who is at fault?  (3). Where is the property damage located on the vehicles involved in the car accident?  (4).  Witnesses listed on the police report?  Did you have motorcycle passengers who witnessed the collision?  (5).  Skid marks, local business surveillance.  (6).  Police dash and body camera footage.  (7).  What type of car v. motorcycle accident was it?  A rear-end collision, left hand turn collision, uncontrolled light intersection?

What should a Spanish Fork Motorcycle Accident Settlement Cover?

Medical bills.  ER emergency room medical bills, physical therapist bills, chiropractor bills or surgery bills are generally all covered by the settlement. The legal rule is that all medical bills and injuries caused by the motorcycle accident are covered in the settlement.  However, often the insurance company will not connect up medical injuries that were aggravated from the collision that were preexisting before the incident.  Large gaps in medical treatment only hurt your injury claims as the insurance company will claim these distant medical bills are not connected to the motorcycle accident.

Prescription Medications and Future Medical Care.  When a future surgery is certain, your attorney should ensure that the future surgery need is documented so that the insurance company will cover it.  Future physical therapy or chiropractic care can be a covered settlement figure when properly documented by your motorcycle accident lawyer.

Lost Income / Lost Wages.  For every hour you miss from work for your injuries, you should receive compensation for in the settlement figure.  A capable Utah personal injury attorney will have the staff available to help you provide the raw underlying wage loss documentation needed to prove your lost wages claim.  You can’t just claim you missed work, even if you did miss work, and expect the insurance company to pay lost wages.  The accident insurance adjuster needs to document their claims files for their supervisor to approve a car accident settlement that includes lost wages.

Pain and Suffering.  Valuing your Spanish Fork motorcycle accident injuries is a task for an experienced Utah personal injury attorney who regularly handles injury accidents.  An attorney who handles 1-3 car or motorcycle accidents cases a year will not have the experience to understand the value on your injuries.  Each case and the involved injuries are different.  Injuries can affect everyone differently.

Impairment of Life.   Lost enjoyment of life is a huge task for any motorcycle accident lawyer.  It is the attorney’s job to tell the injured person’s story to the insurance adjuster, or ultimately, the jury.  Not every personal injury attorney has the skill, guts, or money to take an accident case all the way to a jury trial.

Hiring a larger law firm that has real jury trial experience in handling heavy injury claims will help.  Hiring small, solo, or two person firms who do not regularly handle motorcycle accidents is a mistake.   The insurance companies know which lawyers will try a jury trial and which one will always settle.

More Spanish Fork Motorcycle Accident Case Questions.

How do I pay for my medical bills after an accident?  Hiring a personal injury attorney is a good start to understanding who is responsible to pay your immediate medical bills and when they are due.  In every Utah motorcycle accident where you incur medical bills, there is a priority of medical payment.  See this deep dive article on the triage of who pays for your car accident incurred medical bills.

Who Pays My Medical Bills:

Medical Bills:  FAQ.

I don’t want to sue the other driver.  Will this involve a lawsuit?  No.  The injured party is the person who makes the decision to sue or not sue the other driver.  Even when you file a lawsuit against the other driver, it is really the insurance company who is paying and defending the case.  The mythical stories of someone being sued and losing their house, car, small business, or ultimately never being able to send their kids to college is basically FALSE.  That doesn’t happen.

A motorcycle car accident case is about a fair settlement with the insurance company.

What if the at-fault driver does not have car insurance?  This is why Uninsured Motorist Coverage is mandatory on car insurance policies issued in Utah.  See this article and video on uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.   Uninsured motorist insurance coverage also covers hit-and-run drivers.

They Don’t Have Insurance:  What happens next?

No Insurance:

What to Bring to Your Free Consultation?

Your motorcycle accident attorney meeting is free.  Attorney Jake Gunter does not get paid anything unless you are paid compensation.  If you lose your case, you don’t owe anything.

Here are some good items to bring to your consultation:

(1).  Police report or police exchange.  (2).  Any insurance company correspondence. (3).  Any property damage or photographs of physical injuries.  (4). Any idea of where you have treated for your injuries, the doctors, clinics, etc.

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