Top Ways to Mess Up your Utah Car Accident Claim

Contacting an attorney after a Utah car collision is important to preserve your compensation claim. Previously, I wrote the article about, “The Tale of Two Passengers in One Car” and how one passenger got an attorney and the other passenger did not.


Top Ways to Mess Up Your Car Accident Case

Here are the top ways to mess up your Utah car collision compensation claim.

(1) Failure to Seek Medical Treatment. If you are in a Utah car collision, you should seek medical treatment within a reasonable time after the collision. Oftentimes by going to the emergency room immediately. Not seeking appropriate medical care after a collision is a huge mistake because you must document your injuries to preserve your ability to present an insurance claim for damages. Without an appropriate medical provider diagnosing your injuries, the insurance adjuster will not simply take your word for it. They want medical documentation.

(2) Gaps in Medical Treatment. Failure to seek medical care is a bad choice, but just as important is not being consistent with your medical care. Allowing gaps in treatment to occur is ammunition for the insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster reviewing your medical documents will cut off payment for medical care if you missed a lot of appointments. Missing appointments or allowing other gaps shows the world that you are done with your treatment, your injuries have resolved, and, therefore, compensation from that point forward is no longer needed.

Be consistent with your medical treatment. Follow your doctor’s orders.  Failure to do so is a top insurance defense tactic.

(3) Medical Overtreatment. It is a fine line between seeking appropriate medical care and then going overboard on medical treatment. Overtreating will be disputed by the insurance adjuster. In a Utah car collision, if you incur $10,000 in chiropractic care only, the insurance company will refuse, or discount that much chiropractic care only. Once you have reached maximum medical improvement you should discontinue care, unless a considered and educated discussion occurs between your doctor and you concerning the merits of continuing down the same path, when symptoms are not resolving.


Best Ways to Handle your Utah Car Accident Case

(4) Not Using a Multi-disciplinary Medical Approach. Ideally when you are injured, you should have several medical providers establishing concurrent diagnoses. Meaning, the ER doctor, your family practice doctor and your physical therapist all have conducted a history and physical upon you and agree on what your injuries are and how they were caused. When several doctors contribute to coordinating your medical care, this multi-disciplinary approach is superior for proving your insurance claim.

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