Just like cars, boats hurt people and the injured people deserve compensation for their injuries. Just like car collisions, boating accidents will often times have insurance to cover the injured person’s damages. As a Provo, Utah injury lawyer, I help injured people recover compensation for their injuries.

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Boat Insurance and Boating Accidents

Just like cars, boats often times have liability policies of insurance that will cover boating accidents. When you are a passenger in a boat that sinks, or collides with another object, boat or land, and you are hurt through no fault of your own, you will have a personal injury claim against the boat driver. Boats, like cars, are to be driven in a manner that does not hurt people. When boat drivers recklessly drive their boats and injure people, they are responsible for all the damages they cause.
State Farm Insurance, AllState, Bear River, or Farmers all sell boat insurance, just like they do car insurance. The mechanism for presenting an insurance claim is very similar to a car collision where someone rear ends you and causes you injuries.
One thing to remember is that when you are hurt by someone else’s negligence (read carelessness), it has little to do with the person who hurt you. It is just an insurance claim. Take for example a boating collision where you are the passenger. Once the collision occurs, a short time thereafter, the two insurance carriers insuring each boat will take interviews of the drivers and possible other parties involved. Property damage evidence will be documented and the boats will be sent to be fixed, depending on who is at fault and the type of boating insurance the two drivers had.
Most people think that making an insurance claim is akin to slapping your mother, or stealing public library books. This is not the case, because this is what insurance is for. Insurance to pay for people who you hurt when you are careless, reckless and not paying attention.
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