Utah Car Accident Head Injuries

Car Accident Head Injuries.

Utah car accidents can cause serious physical injuries. One particular terrible harm is a head injury. If you are in a Utah car accident, Provo car accident attorney Jacob S. Gunter can help.

Brain Injuries and Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause serious head injuries. Having the help of an experienced personal injury attorney is crucial.

Here are the top action items to do if you are in a Utah car accident and have a head injury:
(1). See your Family Doctor.

If you are in a Utah car accident and fear that you may have a head injury, you should immediately see your primary care physician. At this first visit you should specifically ask that you be initially evaluated for a brain injury. It is critical that you are properly diagnosed immediately after the car accident.
(2). Get a Referral to a NeuroPsychologist.

If you do have a Head injury, your primary care doctor should refer you to a Neuropsychologist. Neuropsychologists are specialized in diagnosing brain injuries and cognitive deficits. Meaning, how your brain is functioning. They also provide treatment for these injuries.

(3). MRI.
Generally, your primary care doctor will refer you to appropriate radiologic examinations, such as a fMRI or an MRI. These radiological scans help provide objective proof of your brain injury, rather than relying upon before and after witnesses pertaining to your injuries.

Again, it is critical that these scans occur early in the process, rather than later. Further, if possible, have your radiologist compare previous MRIs for comparisons.

Early medical diagnosis of a head injury resulting from a Utah car accident is critical. Without proper and early diagnosis from a competent doctor, the insurance adjuster will not believe you even have a head injury. The insurance adjuster will act as if your head injury does not even exist.

Brain Injuries in Utah Car Accidents

Just as an early medical diagnosis is critical, hiring a specialized personal injury attorney who regularly handles car accidents is also critical. Don’t hire a dabbler, or some attorney who only handles a few car accident cases a year. Go with the specialist who regularly handles car accident cases.

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