Plenty of people drive a car for work. Whether the pizza delivery person, the police officer, or the traveling salesman. You have a lot of options when you are involved in a car accident while on the job.


Hurt on the Job in a Car Accident?

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Here is what you should not miss if in a car accident while on the job.

Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney:

(1) Hire a Workers Compensation attorney to evaluate your work place injury. Do not navigate the insurance world without a seasoned Workers Compensation attorney on your side. Workers Compensation is generally a specialty and the attorney will help you receive the compensation you deserve from the Workers Compensation system.

To be clear, the Workers Compensation (“WC”) system is a creation of the state that you live in and is limited in the amount you can recover. The WC system is a no-fault system where you give away possibly better compensation for your injuries in hope of a speedy, no-fault requirement settlement for your work related injuries. The WC system is distinct and separate from a personal injury claim.

Hire a Car Accident Personal Injury Attorney:

(2) If you are hit in your car while on the job, you can still recover from the at-fault driver in addition to the WC system. One important distinction between the WC system is that the recoveries you may obtain through your WC attorney is limited, statutorily. The compensation you may receive from the at-fault driver is not nearly as limited. You can and should have two claims when hit in your car while at work. One, your primary WC injury claim and two, your personal injury car accident claim. Two different attorneys, one WC attorney and one personal injury attorney.


Many people erroneously think that when they are hit by a car at work, they are limited to the WC system and it’s shortcomings. You are not limited and you should explore your options with a personal injury attorney.