Another $1,500 Car Accident Offer to a Person Without an Attorney



As a Utah car accident lawyer I see the offers insurance companies send people who are in car accidents and don’t have attorneys.  $750, or $1,500 and they will pay some of the medical bills. These offers to people in car accidents are completely inadequate.  When you hire a reputable Utah car accident attorney you will get betters results.  The insurance companies have mountains of lawyers, you should have an attorney on your side.

Here is the latest story (changed the facts a bit to protect identity):

Got a call on Saturday to my cell phone.  A referral from a prior client calling about her recent Utah County, Utah car accident.  She told me she received a check in the mail and a release for $750.  She had $13,000 in medical bills from the car accident.  The insurance adjuster for the car that hit her stated they would pay her medical bills and provide $1,500 extra.

She asked me if the offer was fair. I stated, “No.”  The settlement amount, depending the facts could be double the medical bills.  More like $30,000.

I hear these stories happen all the time.

Utah Motor Vehicle Accident LawyerA check comes in the mail with a liability release.  Or the insurance adjuster states they will pay all or most of the medical bills and a thousand more for pain and suffering.


You will get better results when you hire an injury lawyer to handle your Utah car accident claim for the following reasons:


(1).  True Injury Values.  A Utah car accident attorney who regularly and consistently practices personal injury law will know the true value of your injuries.  They will have handled hundreds and hundreds of car accident cases with injuries just like yours.  They have perspective.

(2).  Perspective Start-to-Finish.  A personal injury lawyer who devotes their law practice to injury cases will have been start-to-finish on hundreds of cases just like yours.  They can advise and make the process so much easier in an already stressful situation. Car Accident Law Firm Utah

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