Hurt by a Utah DUI Driver?


When you are hurt by a drunk driver, your car accident personal injury case is different.  First there are punitive damages available under Utah law for DUI car accident cases.  Normally you have to prove punitive damages by clear and convincing evidence under Utah State Law.  See statute here.

Drunk Driver car collisions

Utah Drunk Driving Cases.

However when a DUI car accident is involved you only have to prove punitive damages by a preponderance of the evidence, a lesser evidentiary standard than clear and convincing evidence.    Utah Code Ann 78B-8-201 reads:

78B-8-201.  Basis for punitive damages awards — Section inapplicable to DUI cases or providing illegal controlled substances — Division of award with state.

(1)          (a)          Except as otherwise provided by statute, punitive damages may be awarded only if compensatory or general damages are awarded and it is established by clear and convincing evidence that the acts or omissions of the tortfeasor are the result of willful and malicious or intentionally fraudulent conduct, or conduct that manifests a knowing and reckless indifference toward, and a disregard of, the rights of others.

(b)          The limitations, standards of evidence, and standards of conduct of Subsection (1)(a) do not apply to any claim for punitive damages arising out of the tortfeasor’s:

(i)            operation of a motor vehicle or motorboat while voluntarily intoxicated or under the influence of any drug or combination of alcohol and drugs as prohibited by Section 41-6a-502;
. . . .

DUI Accident Lawyer

Using a Utah personal injury will help you navigate the complex world of insurance law.

Many DUI car accidents may need to be tried to a jury to reach a fair and adequate amount of compensation.  Choosing a personal injury attorney who have the guts to try a lawsuit to a jury verdict matters.  Otherwise, your insurance claim will receive less than what is fair under the circumstances.

Utah DUI Car Accidents and Dramshop Liability:

In addition to the punitive damages in a Utah DUI car collision car, Dram Shop Liability can attach to person who furnished the alcohol to the DUI driver that caused the injuries.  Dramshop liability is a complex statute found at Utah Code Ann 32B-15-201 and any Utah personal injury attorney must carefully analyze the injury case for any possible cause of action.

There can be a shortened statute of limitations period on Dramshop actions that need to be attended to in a timely manner.  See Utah Code 32B-15-301.

Criminal DUI and Civil DUI Accident Cases.

It important to know that your DUI accident lawyers should be monitoring any concurring criminal case involving the person who hit you while drunk.  Often you can obtain a criminal restitution order that can start paying out your damages prior to your DUI personal injury cases does.  Plus your injury attorney must realize and obtain any evidence or statements that the DUI driver makes in his DUI criminal case.

See this article on what happens when there is a civil and criminal case going on regarding the same person and same set of facts.


DUI Accident Attorney Jake Gunter

Utah DUI cases are a special category of Utah car accident cases and deserve particular attention by an experienced personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorney Jake Gunter regularly handles Utah car collision.  Call Attorney Jake Gunter at (801) 373-6345 for a free car accident consultation.  www.provolawyers.com.  www.gunterinjurylaw.com.