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Insurance permeates our world.   Insurance companies have been around for a very long time and are important in our society as we shift risk in our daily activities.  As a result there is a lot of litigation and lawsuits surrounding insurance companies and their refusal to pay, or the parties not agreeing on how much they should pay.

Hiring an experienced Utah insurance dispute attorney can really help.

Here are top common insurance policies in Utah where insurance disputes occur:

Car Insurance.  Otherwise known as Property and Casualty insurance (“PNC”).  Disputes on the valuation of your injuries caused in a car accident make up a huge portion of civil litigation.

Homeowners’ Insurance.  Residential homeowners insurance covers all sorts of slip and falls, dog bites, fires and other property and injury claims that occur at your home. The most common are slip and fall injuries from hazardous conditions on the land or dog bite claims.

Life Insurance.  Life insurance policies are numerous and are denied or limited in scope.  Lawsuits and litigation break out all the time on denied life insurance policies.

Commercial Premise Liability PoliciesThese policies cover large warehouses or just about any business setting.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance 18-Wheelers, Truckers, large commercial vehicles, earth moving equipment.   All commercial vehicles have specialized, non-consumer policies covering them.

Notable Less Known Insurance Disputes:

Insurance Claims LawyerTitle Insurance. Covers conveying good title in real property. Every land transaction will have title insurance involved.

Equine Insurance.  Horse insurance.

Crop InsuranceFarmers sometimes insure their crops through insurance companies.

Workers’ Compensation.  Most employers over a certain size must have workers compensation as required by state and federal law covering their works from injury.

Renters’ Insurance.  Renter’s insurance is someone you hope you never have to use but is good to have.

ATV/Boating Insurance.  Boats are required to have insurance on them, same goes for most ATVs, side-by-sides, 4 Wheelers, etc.

Common Utah Insurance Disputes:

Insurance Dispute AttorneyCar Accident Personal Injuries.   Often all parties agree that you were hurt in the car accident, but the insurance company and you can’t agree on how much the settlement amount should be.  Here having an experienced personal injury attorney who has seen hundreds of injuries and accidents can really give you perspective.

Dog Bite Homeowners Claims.  Homeowners’ insurance covers most dog bite claims, or animal attack insurance claims.   Sometimes there is a dispute on whether you were trespassing, or how badly you are hurt.    Homeowners’ insurance often covers horse accidents, or where ranch animals and cattle that stray onto roadways causing injuries.

Hazardous Land ConditionsYou can’t own land and then allow hazardous conditions on the land to hurt people.  Especially if you are a business open to the public.  Having huge pits, dangerous, known conditions, or attractive nuisances to children are not allowed and when injured by these conditions you have a claim against the landowner’s insurance for compensation.

Personal Property Valuation Disputes Personal property disputes are as varied as radio stations.  Meaning you can have a dispute with your own insurance company on valuing your own antique Super Sport Chevy, how much lost income was incurred from having to fix your limousine, or the value of your home after a fire.


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