How do you know which dentist to hire for your serious root canal?  How do you know which heart doctor to perform your surgery?  Here is the insider scoop on how to pick the WRONG Utah personal injury attorney:

(1).  They Always Settle.  If the Utah personal injury attorney always settles their personal injury cases and never goes to trial—you have found the wrong attorney.  Going to trial requires skill, money and costs.  It is easier for the attorney to just settle, rather than filing a lawsuit for adequate and fair compensation.  If the Utah personal injury attorney you selected never goes to the courtroom, the insurance adjusters will treat your claim differently.  You will receive less money for your injuries because the insurance companies keep track of which Utah personal injury attorneys are willing to go to trial and which Utah personal injury attorneys will always settle.  When your lawyer always settles, you will have to take what the insurance company offers you.

See this Video on the NUMBER QUESTION TO ASK any injury attorney.


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(2).   They Never File a Lawsuit.  If your Utah personal injury attorney never files lawsuits—you have the wrong attorney.
If your personal injury attorneys always settles, without filing a lawsuit against the insurance company, the insurance will not give you adequate and fair compensation because they know your lawyer will always accept what is given to them.

There certainly is a time and place for settlement. In fact, the personal injury attorneys which commonly go to trial and file lawsuits will get better settlements because the insurance companies know to take them seriously.

Car accident arbitration is very useful, but totally innapropriate on certain car accident cases.  See this video on car accident arbitration in Utah.


Many Utah Car Accident cases are resolved through Utah Arbitration

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(3).  No War Chest.   Utah personal injury cases are expensive.  Even the small Utah personal injury car accident cases cost a fair amount of money and that adds up when you have 100 cases in your workload.  If your personal injury attorney does not have adequate cash flow to hire the best experts to prove your case–you have the wrong attorney.

Orthopedic surgeons to prove up your surgery are not cheap.  In fact, they costs $5,000 sometimes to testify.  Small firms, or solo practitioners do not have the war chest to incur and front expert witness costs for the long run.   Often, an expert is legally required or highly recommended to prove up your personal injury damages.  Without the ability to pay these costs and prove up your personal injury case—you have the WRONG attorney.

(4).  They do Divorce Law.  They Are Not Specialized.  You would not want your foot doctor doing your root canal would you?  Podiatrists are skilled surgeons, but they are not good at root canals or any dentistry, for that matter.  Why would you hire a divorce attorney to handle your Utah personal injury case?   If your Utah personal injury attorney is a general practice lawyer—You Have the Wrong Attorney.

Having the experience and familiarity in pursuing Utah personal injury cases is a must if you want to receive adequate and fair compensation for your injuries.  Lots and lots of Utah attorney advertise that they do personal injury cases, but in reality, they only do 2-3 a year.   In fact, they mainly do divorces.  See this VIDEO on PICKING A GOOD PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY.

(5).  They take 2-3 Car Accidents Cases per Year.  If your Utah personal injury attorney only takes 2-3 cases per year—You have the WRONG attorney.
If you selected personal injury attorney who only handles 2-3 cases per year, they will not have the legal experience needed to understand when to go to trial, when to settle and which experts to hire.

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