How do I select a Utah Personal Injury Attorney?

QUESTION:  Does every Provo, Utah attorney practice personal injury car accident cases?

ANSWER:  No. But it seems like every attorney advertises that they practice car collision cases, even though only a dozen attorneys really specialize in and practice personal injury law. The confusion gets worse when you search the internet because it is even more difficult to determine the attorney’s real experience with car crash cases.

So how do you determine a particular attorney’s actual skill and frequency in handling personal injury cases?  You can ask the following questions.

(1).  How many car accident cases are you handling right now? 

(2).  How many cases have you been the lead attorney and taken the case all the way to a jury trial verdict?

(3).  Do you have the financial resources to hire the best expert witnesses to obtain the compensation I deserve under the circumstances?

(4).  How many car collision cases do you file lawsuits on versus how many cases do you settle prior to filing a lawsuit?

In the Courtroom.

Does your Utah personal injury attorney have actual courtroom experience?

An injured person only gets one chance at obtaining adequate and fair compensation. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney matters. The attorneys at Howard Lewis & Petersen, P.C. have over 220 years of combined experience. Attorney Jacob S. Gunter has been practicing law for ten years and has ten jury trials along with hundreds of court appearance.