Injured in West Valley City, UT?

Injured in a West Valley car accident? Hiring an attorney can really help ease your burden. Hiring an attorney will streamline the claims process and give you less stress.

Common Questions Directly After Your West Valley Auto Accident.

(1).  Who are all the insurance companies involved?  Which insurance company should I file a claim with?   Normally you file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company and additionally file a PIP claim with your own car insurance.  Sometimes in multi-car pileups you will file a liability claim against multiple insurance companies.
(2).  Do I need to give an insurance adjuster interview?  You never have to give an adjuster interview with the at-fault driver’s insurance.   You have a contractual duty to provide a statement to your own insurance company and a duty to cooperate in good faith.
(3).  The other side didn’t have insurance. What do I do next?   If the car that hit you didn’t have insurance, or the car ran away from the scene, you will need to make an uninsured motorist claims.  Hiring an attorney will help you with the uninsured process.
(4).   Who is going to pay my medical bills?  I don’t have health insurance.  Medical bills are ultimately responsible by the person who incurred them.  Medical bills that go unpaid can be turned over to collections.  It is always difficult to wait until your settlement to pay your medical bills.  Best practice is to pay your medical bills as they are incurred with your private health insurance or place them on a lien (forebearance).
(5).   How do I get a rental car?  Who pays for that?  You can ask for a rental car from the at-fault insurance company but they don’t have to give you one.  If you have rental car insurance, then you can ask for a rental car from your own insurance company.
(6).   Can I control who repairs my vehicle?   Can I get my car repaired through my insurance or his?  Yes.  You do get to choose where you vehicle is repaired at.  You can go through your own insurance or through the at-fault insurance carrier.  You will need to pay your own deductible if you go through your own carrier.
(7).   Many, many more.   Hiring a lawyer for your West Valley City car collision can speed up matters.

How Jake Gunter Helps with Your West Valley Car Accident.

We help get your medical bills paid. Ultimately medical bills are the responsibility of the person who incurred them. Yet we gather all your medical treatment records and medical bills to help you get them paid from your settlement. We help you access PIP benefits and put your private health care insurance on notice to start paying. We can help you through the lien process or place medical bills on liens.

We access PIP Benefits. PIP stands for “Personal Injury Protection” benefits and are mandatory on all consumer Utah issues car policies of insurance. The state minimum medical bill pay is $3,000. Sometimes you can stack PIP benefits. We help you fill out a PIP application for your West Valley City car accident.

We help with the property damage. You generally have two options to get your car fixed. (a). Fix it through your own car insurance, pay the deductible and get reimbursed later, or (b). Fix your car through the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

We gather all the medical records. Don’t waste your time and energy getting your own medical records. We do that for you and often we know how to get all the records.

We get the police report. The police report normally is produced in 7 days and we can start gathering witness statement, the body camera footage and any 911 calls that help with your case.

You can just concentrate on getting better. Hiring WVC, UT car accident attorney Jake Gunter allows you concentrate on getting better. Don’t worry about the insurance company, let Jake do that.

Knowing the True Value of Your Injury Claim. WVC, Utah car accident lawyer Jake Gunter knows the true value of your WVC car accident claim. He has handled hundreds and hundreds of car accidents in his 20 years of being a trial lawyer. Don’t cash that check for $750 that they sent you in the mail. Don’t do it. The insurance company hopes 7 out of 10 people just accept the first offer and don’t hire any attorney.

Only attorneys who regularly litigate cases have the best chances of getting your fair, full and reasonable compensation for your injuries.

Free Consultation. Jake Gunter Can Tell You Over the Phone in 5 Minutes if You have a Claim

West Valley car accident attorney Jake Gunter can usually tell you in 5 minutes on the phone if you have an injury claim. Most work can be done remotely, over the phone and through email. No office visit is necessary to start your claim.

An insurance claim can be started within 5 minutes.

You Don’t Owe Jake Gunter Anything Unless You Receive Compensation

You don’t pay Jake Gunter until you receive a settlement. If you don’t receive a settlement, you don’t owe Jake anything.

Types of West Valley Accidents

(1). Car Accidents. (2). Motorcycle injuries. (3). Passenger motorcycle claims. (4). Car passenger claims. (5). Pedestrian accidents. (6). Bicycle collisions. (7). Scooter injuries. (8). Dog bites.

What are Common Types of Compensation in West Valley Car Accidents?

(1). Back lost wages. (2). Future lost wages. (3). Pain and suffering. (4). Medical bills. (5). Lost earning capacity. (6). Future medical bills. (7). Future pain and suffering. (8). Detriment to a marriage (consortium). (9). Detriment to dependents (consortium). (10). Loss of enjoyment of life.

How Long Does it Take to Pursue a Claim for Compensation in my West Valley Accident?


Car accident compensation claims on the short end take 4 months. Any type of lingering injury easily pushes the time to settlement to just under 1 year.

See this article on non-litigated injury claim timelines.

See this article on what happens when I file a lawsuit.

Do I have to File a Lawsuit on My WVC Car Accident? No.


You don’t have to file a lawsuit on your WVC, UT car accident claim. Often you must file a lawsuit to get reasonable compensation out of the insurance company. If you hire an attorney who doesn’t know how to file car accident lawsuits, or has never done it, your car accident injury claim will receive less compensation.

What are the Statute of Limitations? (How Long do I Have to Pursue a Claim?)

Normal Utah car accidents involving bodily injury have a 4 year statute of limitation. If any type of government car hit you, you have a much, much shorter statute of limitations. Property damage on car accident claims are generally 3 years. If defective product cause the car collision, it can be a shorter time limit to pursue your claim.

How to Pick a West Valley Car Accident Lawyer?

If you hire a non-trial lawyer you will receive less compensation on your injury claim. Most attorneys are not injury attorneys and most injury attorneys are not trial lawyers. Real working car accident lawyers will try 1-3 civil car accident jury trials per year.

Beware: There are many attorneys who say they practice car accidents, but really only have 2 or 3 going. Hiring a real, working car accident attorney will get you better results. Hiring an attorney who will try a case all way to a jury trial if needed generally will get you better results.