What is the Utah State Minimum for Liability Car Insurance?

Utah Insurance Claims AttorneyAll Utah non-business policies of automobile  insurance must have:

–Bodily Injury Liability Coverage,

–Property Damage Liability Coverage, and

–Personal Injury Protection Benefits.

As of this writing in 2021, the Utah statutory legal minimum amount of consumer car insurance coverage is


This means.

Utah Insurance Law Attorney Jake Gunter (801) 373-6345$25,000 per person involved in a car accident.

Up to $65,000 per occurrence regardless of how many people were injured in the Utah car accident.

$15,000 of property damage liability insurance.

$3,000 in medical pay personal injury protection benefits. 

In the event of a car wreck where you are at-fault, the bodily injury limits for would be a minimum $25,000 per person injured by your negligent conduct, with a total maximum of $65,000 per incident.  This same minimum property liability coverage will help pay up to $15,000 when you damage or completely destroy another person’s property.  Whether that is their car, their mailbox, or a building that you ran into.

$25,000/$65,000 is extremely low coverage.  Most insurance carriers offer 100/300, 250/500 and 1 million in liability coverage.  Property damage and underinsured and uninsured coverages generally mirror the liability coverages.


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