Being attacked by a dog while at work adds more problems. A Utah dog bite while on the job will have two different claims.
First a dog bite insurance claim against the dog owner’s insurance.
Second, a workers’ compensation claim to help get your medical bills paid for.
Both a 3rd party liability case against the dog owner and a first party worker’s compensation case can simultaneously occur and often do.

Immediate Steps After a Utah Dog Bite at Work.
At a minimum, you should do the following right after a dog bite while on the job.
(1). Take a picture of the person’s ID. Get their contact information.
(2). Notify the police and animal control. Make sure the dog attack is documented.
(3). Take pictures of witness’ IDs. Get witness contact information.
(4). Wound pictures. Take pictures with date stamps of your initial injuries and as they heal.
(5). Take a picture of the dog that bit you.
(6). Take pictures of the scene where the dog attack occurred.
(7). Sometimes you need to save the clothing because it can show the severity of the attack and where attacked.

Who Covers Your Medical Bills for a Dog Bite at Work?
Workers’ Compensation. In Utah, when you are bit by a dog while working, the workers compensation carrier will be first bill payor. If there is no workers’ compensation claim open, then the homeowners’ policy covering the dog that bit you kicks in.

Homeowner’s Insurance. Most homes with mortgages on them will be required to have homeowners insurance. Sometimes, there can be a breed exclusion in the homeowners policy not covering certain dog bites.
When you make a claim for a dog bite while on the job, you are not suing the person. You are not trying to take their house away. You are simply trying to access their insurance coverage for their carelessness in handling their dog.

Renters’ Insurance. Sometimes renters will have renters’ insurance that will cover a dog bite.
Whatever type of insurance is covering your Utah dog bite while on the job, you have to make a claim and present a demand letter asking for compensation. Unlike car insurance, in Utah, the administrative insurance rules does not require disclosure of the policy limits.

Common People Injured by Dogs at Work.
Common people bit by dogs while on the job are: Contractors. Postal workers. Pizza delivery. Amazon and delivery workers. DoorDash, food delivery and construction / trades employees.

Common Dog Bite Injuries While on the Job.
Common injuries from dogs are skin and dermatological scarring. Plastic surgery reconstruction. PTSD and therapy bills. Facial injuries and injuries from hitting the ground.

Calling Animal Control and the Police.
It is critical to call animal control or the police for your dog bite while on the job. Even if the dog attack is very minor, it will place on the record that the dog owner is acting recklessly with their dog. Documenting the dog attack/bite is also helpful for proving up your injuries and claim for reasonable compensation.

Medical Documentation of Dog Bite at Work.
It is important to your health that you are checked out and treated by an appropriate medical provider. Chiropractors are not appropriate for wound care and your primary care physician and physical therapist would be better.

Don’t wait to document your injuries. Don’t gamble on your health. Immediately seek appropriate medical care. Sometimes the ER room is appropriate, other times going to InstaCare clinic is perfectly OK until you can see your primary care doctor.

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