When and Why You Should Immediately Hire a Utah Car Accident Lawyer after your Car Accident

Utah personal injury lawyerQUESTION:  When and Why You Should Immediately Hire a Utah Car Accident Lawyer after your Car Accident.

ANSWER:  Immediately.

Here is a list of reasons to hire a Utah car accident lawyer immediately after your Utah car accident.


  1.  Traumatic Brain Injuries, like many other injuries are not always apparent after the car accident and need to be addressed by the right type of doctor in a timely manner so the insurance company covers that injury.
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  1. Ensure that you see the right type of doctor in a timely manner for your car accident injuries, so they are documented for the insurance adjuster’s file.Utah personal injury attorney
    1. See this article on documenting your injuries. https://gunterinjurylaw.com/medical-documentation-after-a-utah-car-accident/


  1. Witnesses sometimes need to be immediately interviewed or you can lose your case. Witnesses can disappear and memories fade.  An immediately assessment of witnesses to prove fault in your Utah car collision can be critical.


  1. Evidence, skids marks, car damages can all disappear. Making your liability case harder, sometimes impossible to prove.
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  1. Hiring an attorney will help you understand what Personal Injury Protection Benefits are under Utah’s PIP laws.
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  1. Making sure you get what you are entitled to for lost wages, lost household services and medical payments under your PIP benefits.
    1. Proving up lost wages can be seen here.
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  1. Understanding your medical treatment options. Even without private health insurance, hiring a Utah personal injury attorney can really help understand how you can pay for surgeries or other treatment.
  2. Utah personal injury law firmUnderstanding which medical insurance pay first, which pays second and how to trigger medical insurance to start paying.
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  1. Immediate documentation of your injuries by right type of doctor. Whatever you do, don’t see a chiropractor for an elbow or teeth injury.  See the correct doctor for your injuries.


  1. Hiring an attorney will help you understand what the going rate is for your injuries and what a fair settlement looks like.
    1. Going up against the insurance company alone is like David v. Goliath. You are outgunned and out matched.  Insurance adjusters are trained in negotiation, medicine and have done thousands of claims prior to yours.  It is an uphill battle.

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