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Category: Insurance

On February 4, 2017

UTAH Personal Injury Protection Insurance (“PIP”)

OVERVIEW OF PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION BENEFITS Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) is a mandatory part of all Utah car insurance policies.  See Utah Code Ann. 31A-22-302(1).  Not every state has PIP, so you may want to check what your policy covers if you just moved to Utah. PIP is not required for motorcycles, ATV, Trailers or
On February 20, 2016


Before a terrible injury occurs, the first step is getting the right type of car insurance, the right amount of insurance and a smart insurance agent.  The rule is that you need enough liability insurance to cover your personal assets and to provide for the people you injured with compensation to make up for what
On January 23, 2016


What happens when you get into a Utah car accident and you do not have insurance, but it was not your fault? You Can See a Personal Injury Attorney: First, you can still make a personal injury claim. It does not matter that you did not have car insurance at the time of the wreck.