Tooele County Car Accident Lawyer Jake GunterHire a Tooele County Car Accident Lawyer Focused on Car Accidents

If you have been hurt in Tooele County near Grantsville, Tooele City or on Highway 36 having an attorney who really works in car accident law is very useful. Don’t hire a general practice attorney who does court appointments, a little divorce and some Bankruptcy to make a living. Hiring someone who daily works in personal injury law. You will get better results.

Car Accident Courtroom Experience Matters

Tooele County Car Accident Attorney
Jake Gunter has been a trial lawyer for nearly 20 years, trying juries across the great State of Utah. All Jake does is personal injury car accidents and criminal defense. Nothing else. He never represents big business and has been solely representing people for nearly 20 years. Experience matters when you go to a courtroom.

What to Do After Your Tooele County Car Accident

(1). Get Proper Medical Care. You should immediately seek appropriate medical care. It is best to error on the side of caution. Remember, if you have Utah car insurance, you will automatically have at least $3,000 in no-fault medical pay to help pay for your medical bills. Even if you were a passenger in a car that had Utah car insurance, you also have the mandatory $3,000 in PIP medical pay benefits.
If an ER visit and ambulance ride is necessary–take it. Don’t skimp on your health. Don’t gamble on whether you need to see a doctor, or get an MRI. You didn’t sign up for this accident and you shouldn’t gamble on your health either. You only got one body.

(2). Call An Experienced Tooele County Car Accident Lawyer. Not every attorney does car accidents, but many who don’t still advertise that they do. Look at their website? Is it built out with great information on car accidents and what to do?
Or does their website state they do just about every type of law under the sun. Wills, Thrills and Estates along with divorce and some Bankruptcy. Don’t hire a general practice attorney, you will get a bumpy and unknown road.

Tooele County Law Firm Car AccidentsHere are Some Questions to Ask Any Prospective Lawyer You May Hire in Your Tooele County Car Accident Case

(a). How many car accidents case do you currently have? “How many car accident cases did you handle last year?” If they answer only one, they don’t really practice car accident law. A real working car accident lawyer will handle nearly 100 per year.

(b). How many jury trials car accident cases have you done? “Have you ever tried a car accident case all the way to a jury trial?” Most lawyers have never tried a jury trial regardless of their practice area. Most personal injury attorneys have never tried a jury trial. There are many car accident attorney who never file lawsuits, always settle and if the case can’t settle, they refer them to attorney like Jake Gunter who will try them to a jury.

(c). How Long Have You Been an Attorney For? “How long have you been an attorney for?” You want old lawyers and young doctors. The law is based on experience, history and relationships. Younger attorneys rarely have the raw jury trial experience to know the best path. It takes years and years of practicing law to try lots of jury trials, or know how to handle witnesses on cross-examination. Don’t hire a rookie. Don’t hire a general practice attorney.


Car accident cases can be resolved in the following ways:

(1). No Lawsuit. Settlement. You never file a lawsuit because a reasonable settlement was offered by the insurance company. This rarely seems to happen. A fair and adequate settlement seems to always come after a lawsuit has been filed. If you hire an attorney who never files a lawsuit, the insurance companies know it and you will likely get less compensation for your injuries.
4-6 Months to Settle. Depending on how well your injuries heal, it will take 4-6 months on the short end for your injuries to heal and to settle your Tooele County car accident case. If your injuries are stagnant, unresolved and you have not reached maximum medical improvement, the case can go for at least one year prior to settlement.

(2). Lawsuit. Settlement. If you hired the right type of personal injury attorney, one that files lawsuits, the case tends to take longer. Normally prior to filing suit you have fully recovered, which takes at least 4-6 months on the short end before you try to settlement case.
If a lawsuit is filed, you generally have to grind through fact discovery which is always 120 days plus. Then, after a defense deposition and possible a defense medical exam, your case will settle, often at a much greater value because the defense has seen the true depth of your injuries.
1 Year to Settlement. You have to grind out fact and expert discovery and that generally take over 1 year to do before you can reach a settlement.

(3). Lawsuit. Arbitration. Many car accident cases are resolved with arbitration under Utah Code 31A-22-321. Basically “321 Arbitration” as it is called by the attorneys is capped at $50,000, doesn’t include property damage and any party can De Novo appeal the matter to the District Court if they don’t like the arbitration verdict. De Novo appeal means “Do Over.” You literally re-litigate the case in District Court with some extended fact discovery.
1 Years or Less. If arbitration is selected it signals to the insurance company that there is a cap on damages and therefore there will never be a large verdict or expose to the insurance company or their insured. Arbitration generally takes 1 year or less to settle or arbitrate the matter.

(4). Lawsuit. Jury Trial. Larger cases with serious injuries are generally tried to a jury. Arbitration is not appropriate for large injury cases as a general rule because the arbitration awards are generally not adequate.
1 Years Plus. Jury trial track cases take time to litigate and get a jury trial setting.


Tooele County on a Personal Note


In late 2008, early 2009 just prior to leaving for boot camp as an Army Judge Advocate I lived and trained in Tooele County, specifically east Erda bench. My mother-in-law was born in Tooele City and most of my in-laws live there today. I am a frequent of the county and find it very pleasant living.

During my time there I ran the benches east of Bates Canyon Road all the way to The Great Salt Lake. I ran Droubay road all the way to Tooele City and back, preparing for my initial US Army training. The gym I trained at was in downtown Tooele and is now defunct and I always got coffee at Janna’s before hitting the gym in the mornings.


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